7 Natural Ways to Help Your Children Sleep

A major concern for most stressed out parents, is getting their kids to bed at a reasonable time and without …

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8 Reasons to Consider Cloth Nappies

Cloth Nappies for Happy Babies Do you know what is in the nappies you put on your baby? Unfortunately most …

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7 Easy Natural Remedies for Your Family

Sometimes we get sick, and sometimes it’s our kids that get sick, either way it is difficult enough to take …

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  • Birth ROCKS Self-hypnosis for Post Natal Depression
    Safety Notice – Important Information Our recordings are designed to help you positively benefit from the natural and open-minded state of hypnosis. Although hypnotherapy is known to be a highly effective and consistent therapy, the contents of our recordings should always be regarded as being COMPLEMENTARY. Our recordings should NOT and do NOT replace conventional […]
  • Why Your Kids Need Yoga in their Lives
    Why Your Kids Need Yoga in their Lives and the huge benefits of a yoga practice for all the family.   Cheryl MacDonald (a.k.a. Chhaya or the pink yoginii,) is the founder of women’s yoga collective YogaBellies with over 100 teachers teaching the YogaBellies style for women at every life stage, across the globe. She […]