7 Easy Natural Remedies for Your Family

Sometimes we get sick, and sometimes it’s our kids that get sick, either way it is difficult enough to take care of ourselves and the kids without having to run to the doctors and the pharmacy on top of it. Conventional medicines also have many unpleasant side effects and work to mask symptoms rather than heal. With that in mind, it might be a good idea to turn to our kitchens first to see what we can do for ourselves when we are feeling under the weather.

1. One item that most kitchen pantries have is honey. Raw or natural honey is best and it is great for your health. You can use it for coughs, infertility, allergies, and other many other ailments. In fact many in the natural remedy field recommend using honey everyday as a supplement to your diet; it helps your immune system and keeps you well. There is nothing better than a little preventive medicine right?

2. Apple cider vinegar is good for many sicknesses and illnesses. If you are sick it is helpful to restore your ph balance, and it helps your immune system. You will also want to add this to your everyday diet as it is helpful in several ways to your body. Make sure you buy organic apple cider vinegar to get the most benefits out of your purchase.

3. Another common ailment is constipation, and it can be quite painful and uncomfortable. There are two ways you can work with constipation. You can purchase karo syrup and take a teaspoon of this, or you can drink some prune juice. The karo syrup is also used for infants that are constipated. Either of these methods will help adults who constipation. In the future drink a lot of water with the fiber you consume. Getting lots of fiber from green leafy veggies daily will help too.

4. For the little ones at home they often get diaper rashes. These can pop up from being in the diaper too long, being allergic to chemicals in disposable diapers, having too much juice, or their body’s disagreeing with what they have eaten.

5. In any of these cases a good home remedy to use is corn starch. Corn starch is much like powder but without the scent. It is very dry and helps keep the rash and any sores dry. It can begin to heal the baby’s skin in little to no time. The cost is nominal for the amount of times you can use it, and the comfort it brings to baby’s bottom and mommy’s ears.

6. There is a nice plant you can keep around your house for cuts and scrapes. It is called an Aloe plant and it is absolutely a great investment. When your child (or you) get cut all you have to do is break off a little piece of the end of the plant and use the oozing ointment on the cuts. It is also good for sun burn, as it is in most commercial products that treat sunburn.

7. Another home remedy you can use is for colds and flu. Fruits have a lot of vitamin C in them and this vitamin helps to get rid of these illnesses. Invest in a juicer and drink a lot of juice and eat a lot of fruits to decrease your time being sick.

There are several products we keep in our house that are perfect for home remedies, using these products will keep you at home and more comfortable during your illness. Enjoy mamas! xx

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