YogaBellies for Pregnancy

“I felt compelled to drop you a wee email this morning – I was at your prenatal class for the first time last night. It was exactly what I needed, particularly your words in the relaxation at the end. I’d been really struggling to connect with my baby and came home feeling very different.

The relaxation really struck a chord. I talked baby to sleep, introduced him to the dog (who was lying on my tummy!) and definitely felt the fuzzies! Thank you and I’m so glad I came along.
Namaste Audrey x”

“Many thanks for all of your help; the birth workshop helped me keep calm and able to support Sophie to the best of my abilities.
Thanks, Lisa (and Sophie and Leo!) x”

“Just to let you know that after running out the class last Tuesday, I ended up in the Southern General by about 9pm and was 3cm dilated. Unfortunately I knew I was definitely getting a c-section, but still ended up getting to 8cm dilated by the time the anaesthetist got to me!! I was trying all the breathing techniques and managed with just gas and air till I got the spinal in…….Anyway, the news you really want is this – Kitty Jean Gregor arrived at 1.01am on 10/11/10 weighing in at 8lb 7oz – pretty huge considering she was born at 36wks + 6 days…………She is absolutely adorable and is settling in with the rest of the family. Hoping to make it along to the postnatal classes when I’ve recovered a bit and got her in a routine………
All the best and thanks for the yoga classes – I really enjoyed them :)” Alyson and Kitty xx”

“My prenatal yoga classes were like an oasis of calm during my pregnancy.”
Kirsty, Broomhill

“Just to let you know, baby arrived last Friday 28th at 18.05 weighing in at 4250gm–9lb 6oz It was a bit of a drama–was contracting irregularly since Tues, my forewaters ruptured Fri at 1725 and baby arrived 40 minutes later.Rush hour traffic did me no favours, thankfully hubbie had cycled to work in the city so made it home to me by 1745– I jumped into bath for pain relief and also to slow things down if i could–I knew delivery was imminent. Had midwife on speakerphone during delivery–had waterbirth caught by dad–kids watching peppa pig in sitting room, paramedics, homebirth midwife all followed suit about 10min later.did my yoga breathing as best i could!”
Ann, southside

“The breathing techniques were invaluable during labour – especially the Golden Thread Breathing…
loved the classes so nice to meet other soon to be mums!”
Cathy, Kelvinside

“Good pace… liked the small class size and great labouring techniques!”
Kerry, Scotstoun

“Good value for money because of the small classes and length of class… lovely stretches, very relaxing and good chat!”
Joanne, West End

“I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed them (pre natal classes) and how helpful they’ve been through my pregnancy.
Will be in touch with news of new arrival and hopefully to book baby yoga!”
Claire W

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course wish it was longer than 8 weeks! Very relaxed and liked the small class size.”
Hazel, Bearsden

“…Anyway I had a beautiful baby boy, all natural no drugs; thanks to the breathing techniques you taught me.”
Jill, west end

“The small classes are lovely – it means that you get lots of attention and get to know the other mums”
Kirsty, Dowanhill

“The breathing was invaluable.”
Jenny, Lanark

“…had baby Oscar Cal Pirie at 1.12am this morning was an awful labour as had to be induced in the end as everyone worried about infection and i didnt want to take any risks. Worth it though as he is a healthy 5lbs 11. So glad of your yoga classes to help me through it. Please say hi to everyone for me. see you soon.”
Jo xx

YogaBellies Mum & Baby Post Natal Yoga

“The one to one post natal yoga sessions with you really helped ease my pelvic pain…it was nice to have an hour a week to myself again.”
Ali, Glasgow West End

“My baby loves the yoga classes so much and he falls asleep straight after.”
Mary, Thornliebank

“Great fun and good chance to work out which I wouldn’t do otherwise”
Nicola, West End

“Good combination of exercise for me and baby… I will definitely recommend this class to friends”
Lesley, East Kilbride

YogaBellies Loving Touch Baby Massage

“Great, informal, fun class for me and baby”
Claire, Shawlands

“Loved the class… met lots of nice people and the handouts were great too.”
Julie, East Kilbride

“Really helped my colicky baby at bedtime!”
Fiona, West End


“I attended Cheryl’s classes for the birth of my second daughter, Anna.
I had not used any techniques with my first labour, and it had been lengthy and exhausting I’d had a nasty tear as well. However, after the preparation with Cheryl, Anna’s birth couldn’t have been more different. The breathing and relaxation techniques she taught us in the classes, allowed me to work with every surge, rather than tensing and prolonging the labour like I had done before. I was a totally different woman…
I looked forward to all the classes, Cheryl created such a lovely relaxing atmosphere. I was able to really look forward to the birth. It also made a huge difference that my husband was able to be a real part of the birth, and given a role to play. I have recommended Chery’s classes to many of my friends, and Cheryl as a teacher.”

Fiona, Glasgow South Side

“I really enjoyed the class and the opportunity to learn such fantastic techniques and watch the amazing births. And it was really great to meet the teacher and the other couples and I hope we all stay in touch.”
Jen, Glasgow West End

“Thank you for my perfect birth!”
Nat, Stirling

“We both thoroughly enjoying the course and feel that we will have no bother achieving the birth we would like with your help.”

“Just to let you know Finley was born on the 31st of August at 04:52 weighing 8lb 3oz. I managed to have the home water birth I planned for and the hypnobirthing was invaluable! I ended up using the golden thread breath as it was alot easier than the balloon breathing. We will hopefully be seeing you soon at your mum and baby classes:)”
Ruth, Adi and Finley, West End

“Once again thank you for a fantastic three weeks of hypnobirthing. Jan and I both really enjoyed it!!! It feels like the perfect grounding to a completely new chapter in our lives.”
Corinne, West End

“Cheryl is a fantastic instructor. Very welcoming, knowledgeable but also approachable throughout each lesson. This was a great help and comfort given that this is my first pregnancy. Maintain your lovely and open style of teaching Cheryl!!”
Corinne, Glasgow West End

“Revolutionized my toilet habits!!” (regarding Birth Breathing)
Carrie, East Kilbirde

YogaBELLES: Yoga for Women

“I loved the classes my first ever yoga classes… changed how I think about yoga.”
Joanne, Cumbernauld

“I’ve gone to lots of your classes and workshops… you are very clear and I always feel it 2 days later!”
Thomasina, Hamilton

“Just the right mix of humour and hard work”
Annabel, Dennistoun

” I came across YogaBELLES through a search on google and it seemed perfect for me. I enjoyed the classes from start to finish. My favourite thing about the class was the nice atmosphere and gentle teaching. I also really enjoyed the breathing practice.”

” I started YogaBELLES classes after my mum recommended them to me, I found the classes really calming and could definitely feel the tension releasing from my body during practice. I also really loved the long stretches and got alot more from the classes that I had initially expected. I will definitely be returning for more classes.”

“I loved the classes, especially the stretching and I was surprised at how relaxed I felt after leaving. They were great value for money and I will definitely be telling all my friends about them and booking in for another block.”

” My friend asked me to come along with her for some moral support. The block was excellent value for money and really enjoyable, definitely more that I had expected. We will both be back again. Thank You!”

” My aunt attends YogaBELLES classes regularly and really enjoys them so I decided to sign up and give them a try. I am a big fan of flowing style classes so was super impressed, The postures and practice were well above my expectations.”

YogaBellies Kidz

“Kidz yoga is great fun with Olly (even when he’s more interested in the outside world/baby in the mirror/other participants than playing yoga with me!) The environment is always relaxed and enjoyable, and the songs and positions are easy to remember and practice at home, which gives another element to our daily play. Linzi is a great teacher – lessons are always well structured and I would recommend baby yoga to anyone looking for a new way to interact with their little ones.”
Jen Matthys, Wales

“I really looked forward to our Little Angels classes with Lisa as they were such great fun (not the calm yoga I’m used to) and really active.
Lisa is a great teacher and so patient with the little ones. I loved how I also got to do some yoga with Maisie… totally recommend it!”

Leanne Henderson, Glasgow