Our YogaBellies Classes

YogaBellies offer authentic classes, therapies and workshops for women and children at every stage of their lives including pregnancy and birth; for post-partum mum and baby and now also, yoga for children. We offer yoga for women from mentruation to post menopausal.

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YogaBelles: Yoga for Women

YogaBelles is a genre of hatha yoga which has evolved and grown over the past decade, around the natural yoga practices of women. Cheryl MacDonald, founder of YogaBellies, created Luna and CorePlay, to offer yin and yang style yoga for women.

In the western world, only in the past twenty years have women come to embrace the amazing changes that yoga can bring to their lives, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. And the great new is, yoga is open to everyone.

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YoniYoga: Yoga for the Vagina

“YoniYoga® is about being comfortable in your own body. We’ve been taught to be ashamed or embarrassed by our own reproductive organs and our physical and sensual needs as a woman. Not only can a YoniYoga® practice help with this, it’s a deeply healing practice. Women who have suffered traumatic childbirth or miscarriage or even sexual assault can truly heal by working through these emotions.

YogaBellies YoniYoga® classes are set in a discreet, comfortable environment. Our focus is on healing the Yoni (or womb area) emotionally and physically. Our focus is on self love and therapy.

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YogaBellies for Pregnancy and Birth

YogaBellies offer a range of beautiful classes and therapies for mummies during the prenatal period. We use proven holistic therapies, practices and yogic techniques to guide you through the amazing journey that is pregnancy and birth.

Our prenatal sessions may incorporate traditional yoga asanas (postures); self-hypnosis and deep relaxation; soothing comfort techniques for birthing and unique YogaBellies® touch therapies using our gorgeous own brand ethically produced and organic products for mum and baby. We have a whole host of therapies that have been custom made for pregnant mummies…

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YogaBellies for Mum & Baby

YogaBelliesoffer relaxing and rejuventaing sessions and therapies especially designed for post partum mummies and their new babies. We use our proven YogaBellies techniques and therapies, with a unique twist on authentic yogic techiques, to guide you help you adjust and grow as a mother. Each of our sessions are for mum AND baby, baby is never left to one side and is integral part of your sessions and your new life as a mother.

Our Loving Touch classes last around an hour and involve learning tactile massage techniques and strokes to aid growth, soothing and bonding for you and baby. At the end of class we take time to reflect on our practice, drink tea, eat biscuits and chat with other mummies (very important) :)

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AquaBellies Yoga

AquaBellies® mentors guide women and infants through the most important stages of their lives using gentle water based yogic practices and techniques. Our classes are not just for pregnancy or with baby, but for all women at every stage of their lives.

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Yoga for Children

Our exercises aim to induce a state of ’relaxed alertness’ – the optimum frame of mind for easy learning and memory retention (also known as ‘the alpha state’ or ‘the zone’). YogaBellies exercises encourage the creation of new neural pathways and connections between the two hemispheres of the brain. In layman’s terms, we reach the parts other activities cannot reach! Yoga postures have been shown to improve grades by 18% after only one application. Meditation improves concentration and memory skills.

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