Find Your Balance with YogaBellies

YogaBellies has evolved over the past decade, around the natural yoga practices of women. Cheryl MacDonald, created YogaBellies for all women, working around the key life stages, our hormonal and emotional variations and natural flexibility.

YogaBellies uses a unique combination of Incredible Music, Inspirational Yoga and Aromatherapy, to soothe the soul and strengthen body and mind..

Yoga Classes just for Women

CorePlay by YogaBellies

A dynamic yoga practice focused on strengthening the BAP’s (Back, Abs and Pelvic floor.)

Luna by YogaBellies

Graceful, flowing and feminine yoga to balance hormonal fluctuations 

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What’s so different about YogaBellies for Women?

Our classes use a unique combination of Yoga for Women, Inspiring Music and Delicious Aromatherapy blends. Each class style is focused on the specific physical, emotional, hormonal and spiritual needs of women. These are not ‘drop in’ gym yoga classes and the focus is not soley physical. You commit to your chosen path and embark on your own personal yoga journey. Your YogaBellies teacher will help you move towards where you want to be in life and in your yoga practice.

Indulge Your Senses with Yoga, Music and Aromatherapy

Our women’s yoga classes team inspirational yoga sequences with incredible music and bespoke aromatherapy blends to indulge of all of your sense.

The Yoga:

Two styles of yoga for every life stage: Dynamic CorePlay by YogaBellies and gentle, flowing Luna by YogaBellies.

The Music:

Uniquely blended beats to enhance your yoga practice and inspire you from asana to savasana.

The Aromatherapy:

Beautiful blends to accompany your journey;our classes use diffused and applied, carefully selected aromatherapy blends of the highest quality, to enhance the therapeutic benefits of your yoga practice.

We make use of all of your senses and enjoy beautiful aromas and bountiful beats as we practice.

Our bespoke yoga, music and aroma blends will take you on a yoga journey like no other. YogaBellies classes are suitable for every stage of your life from the teenage years to post menopausal and are open to all levels of yoga practitioner.

When you join our sessions, you will be invited to a class with gorgeous, shiny and clean, custom designed YogaBellies yoga mats and any props you need to use in class (only on loan we need these back at the end.)

You will also be given a bespoke pack to accompany your journey which you can take home, comprising of your YogaBellies tote bag and exclusive JustBe artisan aromatherapy oils to enhance your YogaBellies practice. You will also receive YogaBellies routines downloads and our exclusive, CorePlay or Luna soundtrack to help you keep up your practice at home.

“YogaBellies sessions embrace what it is to be a woman. Beautiful, eclectic sessions that encourage you to embrace your Inner Goddess, in all her forms.”

Connect and Re-balance with Luna

Luna by YogaBellies is a unique, flowing style of yoga in tune with the Yin, Lunar and feminine elements. The focus of our Luna classes, is honouring ourselves, being kind, and taking time to relax and release. This practice offers calming, slower-paced, ‘internal’ poses that are appropriate for women throughout the month. This graceful, flowing practice is gentle but deep like water.

Here the focus is not on perfecting yogic postures but on experiencing energy “flow”. Luna by YogaBellies allows you to bring harmony and balance into every part your life. Every session has a different focus and the asanas chosen are perfect for regulating hormones and providing relief from PMS and Menopausal symptoms.

*A firm but gentle yoga practice for all levels, sizes and age of yoga practitioner;
*Our unique blend of aromatherapy and soothing yoga flow, makes Luna by YogaBellies feel like a trip to the Spa 🙂
*A style of yoga created just for women, focusing on hormonal and spiritual balance;
*These sessions can be particularly beneficial for those looking to regulate the menstrual cycle, enhance fertility and correct hormonal imbalances or fluctuations.
*A perfect class for those suffering from pre menstrual syndrome or menopausal symptoms.
*Embrace the feminine, yin aspects of your yoga practice and your life.

When you attend a Luna by YogaBellies class, you will receive a gift pack to accompany you on your Luna journey. Your pack includes a JustBe Pure roller ball aromatherapy blend which includes Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Mandarin Oil (Citrus Nobilis) and Lavender Oil (Lavendula Augustifolia). This blend has been created to work therapeutically with the balancing and comforting aspects of the Luna class and can be used during and after class, to enhance the therapeutic benefits of your Luna practice. Enjoy the soothing scents of Lavender and Mandarin as you balance, relax and rest.

Strong Body Strong Soul with CorePlay by YogaBellies

CorePlay by YogaBellies sessions comprising a sequence of 19 postures with 7 Rising Sun Salutes which tone and strengthen the body, mind and soul. We call the routine the ‘Core Play’ sequence because these sessions are fun but tough! The postures are practised in the same order in each class, allowing us to focus our practice on strengthening the BAP’s (back, abs and pelvic floor) over time.

CorePlay by YogaBellies builds your internal fire. Every posture in this dynamic sequence has been chosen to consistently strengthen your BAP’s: Back, Abs and Pelvic Floor. Maintaining the health of these key areas is essential to a woman’s health and wellbeing throughout life. These essential structures protect the womb or the ‘hara,’ the female life force, and so strong BAP’s = a happy, healthy, harmonious lady 🙂

*Strong, tight and toned BAP’s: Back, abs and pelvic floor;
*A full body, strengthening yoga practice which will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on life.
*The flowing CorePlay sequence allows you to tone the muscles or “yang” tissues of the body.
*CorePlay is designed especially for women, focusing on the areas key to your long lasting health and happiness;
*A strong, balanced body, mind and soul
*It’s suitable for all levels of yoga practitioner, allowing you to progress at your own pace.
*By repeating the sequence of postures , you will help to develop muscular strength and flexibility over time and will be able to easily see the progress in your personal practice.

When you attend a CorePlay class, you will receive a gift pack to accompany on your Yang journey. Your pack includes a JustBe Happy roller ball aromatherapy blend which includes Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Pink Grapefruit Oil (Citrus Grandis), Lime Oil (Citrus Aurantifolia) and Bergamot Oil (Citrus Bergamia).

This blend has been created to work therapeutically with our dynamic Yang classes to give your spirits a boost with the refreshing scents of Pink Grapefruit, Lime & Bergamot.

The YogaBellies Playshops

YogaBellies Playshops and Mini Retreats

The YogaBellies Playshops offer women the opportunity to focus on specific areas of their yoga practice and life, over a longer period of time. This in-depth opportunity allows you to move towards your health and wellness goals or even just ‘retreat’ and take some ‘me time.

We call these sessions ‘playshops’ as the focus is on fun, relaxation and YOU. Our Playshop Retreats take place over a half, full day or entire weekend.

YogaBellies Chakra… Find the balance within

The focus of our Chakra Balance Playshops is to balance each of the Chakras individually, allowing prana (life force or energy) to run freely through the Nadis and removing any energy blocks. By cleansing the Chakras, we allow problems (emotional and physical) from the past to be released enabling us to move on to new life stages.

Representing all that we can’t see and the power of the Chakras, these playshops focus on each of the different Chakra, with our final class consolidating the work. These sessions are recommended for people who wish to re-balance, after periods of change or distress or who just to feel fresh and renewed.

Aromatherapy for Chakra Balancing

When you attend a YogaBellies Chakra Balance Playshop, you will receive a gift pack to accompany on your Chakra balancing journey. Your pack includes a JustBe Detox roller ball aromatherapy blend which includes Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Juniper Oil (Juniperus Communis), Geranium Oil (Pelargonium Graveolens) and Pink Grapefruit Oil (Citrus Grandis.)

This blend has been created to work therapeutically with the balancing and realigning aspects of the YogaBellies Chakra class and can be used during and after class. This detoxifying blend is ideal when you’re feeling over loaded and seeking clarity. Simply apply on wrists and inhale.

YogaBellies Yin… Deep and Restorative

These playshops looks at grounding and restoring. If you have suffered from depression, ill health or just need a little TLC, these gentle yet powerful classes will help guide you back to your former Goddess self.

Yin yoga was developed to penetrate deep into connective tissue expanding flexibility and aiding healing while stimulating the nadis or meridians to loosen energetic blockages and increase energy flow. The long holds in a single still Yin posture becomes a time of inner reflection, meditation and peace. The nervous system is calmed, the mind stilled, and in this state the body returns to its natural healthy rhythm. YogaBellies Yin playshops are loosely based on traditional yin yoga, with an emphasis on the Yin element (dark, passive, receptive, reflective, withdrawn, cool and introspective.)

YogaBellies Yin is suitable for all levels of practitioner and is especially good for working on mobility, the joints and connective tissue.

Aromatherapy for Yin

When you attend a YogaBellies Yin playshop, you will receive a gift pack to accompany on your Yin journey. Your pack includes a JustBe Tranquil roller ball aromatherapy blend which includes Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Petitgrain Oil (Citrus Aurantium), Helichrysum Oil (Helichrysum Italicum) and Ylang Ylang Oil (Cananga Odorate.)

This blend has been created to work therapeutically with the restorative and calming aspects of the YogaBellies Yin class and can be used during and after class, to enhance feelings of restoration and deep peace.

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Indulge Your Senses

Why use Aromatherapy with Yoga?

Aromatherapy essential oils are the natural, fragrant liquids that we find in naturally growing materials. Essential oils have been used throughout history by shamans and healers for the healing power of these extracts.

While essential oils often have a beautiful smell, their chemical makeup also has a whole variety of benefits for human use. Aromatherapy essential oils do sooooo much more than smell good 🙂

Yoga and Aromatherapy both have physical, mental and spiritual benefits for the practitioner and therefore, it becomes logical to use aromatherapy when practising yoga. Not only are your senses enthralled by the beautiful aromas during your practice, the focus and effects of your practice are intensified by the use of the specially chosen essential oil blends created for that practice.

How is aromatherapy used in a YogaBellies class?

Each path has a different focus and a different style of practice, and therefore has a different Yogaroma specifically blended to enhance that yoga practice. Your Certified YogaBellies Teacher will direct you on how to apply and make the most of Your Yogaroma oils (which you get to take home with you in your pack) both on and off the mat, for maximum impact in your life.

Imagine walking into your YogaBellies class, beautiful fresh clean mats, blocks, straps and induldgent eye masks are waiting in their place. A gorgeous aroma fills the candle lit room, the scent burning in the corner. As you take your place at the top of your mat ready to begin your practice, you apply or massage your personal Yogaroma oil into the pulse points and neck (either yourself or with your partner – entirely your choice.) As you take the first inhale and begin to move, the beautiful, soothing aromas fill your lungs and start to work their magic as you practice…

Why Music is so Important to Your Yoga Practice

1. Mood: Music has an ability to take you from one emotional state to the next. If your having a rough day, and you hear an uplifting song, it most certainly helps to make you feel better.
2. Meditation: Contrary to popular belief, mediation is not about silence. No matter where you are in meditation, there will always be sounds going on around. The stillness we refer to in meditation does not have to be about the physical body. It’s more about the mental body & finding stillness in the mind.                                    3. Memory: Music has an intrinsic ability to stimulate memory. We believe that memories, whether good or bad, are an opportunity to do a self-evaluation. When we hear a song that reminds us of something or someone, this is an opportunity to heal or be thankful.                                                                                                         4. Momentum: The beat of the music stimulate your senses and pushes you through the challenging parts of the practice. As the intensity builds, the music becomes your inspiration. Allow yourself to literally, go with the flow.                                                                                                                                                                       5. Movement: It becomes a dance. The music transcends you to a place of grace and ease. Even if the pose feels challenging in the moment, you can make it feel effortless with how you move. Transitioning from one pose to the next feels really good when accompanied by beautiful beats.

Adapted from top 5 ways music can enhance your practice according to Jamie Horgan.

What kind of Music is Played in Class?

In our classes we play music exclusively mixed for us by DJ collective, The Sunchasers. This means that the music played in your class has been created with that specific focus and vibe in mind. Our unique blend of music enhances your practice and your enjoyment of the sessions.

Yoga for Beginners

Before you set foot inside a yoga class, you should be able to wrap your legs around your head, keeping a beautific smile on your face while choking on incense and simultaneously engaging your bhandas (yes, that’s legal). Just kidding! 🙂 None of this need apply. Here’s how to avoid common pitfalls and surprises—and how to look like anything but a beginner. Here is some need-to-know info

Closer to physiology class than a Trekkie convention, yoga is a bona fide science. Yes, some instructors talk of prana (the life force), display Hindu or Buddhist deities, or lead classes in brief chanting. Don’t let this stuff freak you; just consider it something to focus on, rather than, say, the sirens outside or your neighbour’s cute toe ring. Concentrate on the techniques you’re learning, especially matching your movements to your breathing. Focusing on the physical aspects of yoga is where you start. The rest is yours for the taking but entirely optional.

Your “new” yoga clothes are already in your chest of drawers. Forget baggy sweats and t-shirts, though; form-fitting pieces help you get more out of class. Tight clothes make it easier for teachers to see how your body is set from the feet to the shoulder blades, so they can adjust your pose. A tank top with a built-in bra and a pair of leggings will do the job. (Don’t waste cash on yoga shoes, either.) Do buy a new mat. Germs thrive on studio-owned mats, and yours will probably pack more cushion and stickiness than the studio’s tired stock.

Teachers registered with a reputable body such as the IYN or Yoga Alliance have had 200 hours of training at an approved studio. In class you should feel a personal connection to your teacher and enjoy his or her style of teaching. An experienced instructor recognises when a student is struggling and allows the individuals to adapt each posture to them. Another clue you’re in good hands: The teacher asks new faces in the room to describe their experience levels and injuries. If you are attending a pre or post natal class, ensure that the teacher is fully trained in this area.

Okay, not really. But new students should choose another spot. Start in the second row or the middle of the room so you can see what the rest of the class is doing, and what the teacher is doing. You might want to take a spot near the wall for support during balancing moves and standing stretches. (And, no, that’s not considered cheating.)

Anytime you feel that you can’t hang with what the teacher and class are doing, just take a break by going into child’s pose: Kneel on the floor, sitting on your heels. Bring your big toes together and your knees about hip-width apart, then lean forward, essentially lying facedown on the mat with your legs bent underneath you. Breathe. At first, this might feel like admitting defeat, but it’s really a sign that you own your own practice and that you’re cool with your body’s limitations.

Grab two of those foam or wooden bricks piled on one side of the studio, and keep them next to your mat. (Phonebooks work at home.) These props compensate if you can’t bend over and reach the ground in standing poses, allowing students of all levels to stretch deeper and align better. You can wrap a canvas or cloth strap (even an old shirt) around the foot of an outstretched leg during seated poses to help keep you from straining your back. If you’re at all unsure about how to use these props, ask.

Yoga can be hot, slippery, and thirsty work. Make sure you bring a water bottle- bring a biggie for Core or Ashtanga yoga. Hydrate yourself, knocking back plenty of water before class, then again both during and after. Have a headache? You haven’t drunk enough.

To avoid pushing up Downward Dog, only to have your hands whoosh out from under you, place a towel over your mat and under your hands and feet. And don’t forget: If you find yourself getting dizzy, go into Child’s pose until you feel clearheaded again. And please – take your socks off! Nobody is looking at your toosties, the mats are cleaned thoroughly after every class and it will make sure that you don’t slip and hurt yourself!