Hi, this is our Frequently Asked Questions section, if you don’t fins an answer to your question please get in touch through our contact form, we will be happy to help you.

General FAQ’s

How do I book a class?

If you would like to book a class then look for your nearest class using our find a teacher facility by clicking here. Please then contact the teacher that is best for you using the contact details provided.

Your teacher will then confirm class availability and will send you a health questionnaire to complete and pay a deposit online. The balance of the course is due in cash at the first class. Due to the high demand for classes, a deposit must be paid online before the first class. Please note this deposit is non-refundable.

How can I pay?

The balance is due for each block booking in cash at the first class or via PayPal or bank transfer. On booking, you will be asked to complete an online heath questionnaire and booking form letting us know all about you and your baby (if applicable) so that we can make sure in advance that we have all the information to provide you with a safe, healthy and beneficial experience when you come along to class. You will have the option on completing this form to pay your deposit via PayPal.

I have a gift voucher can I use it anywhere?

Yes you can. You can use your yogabellies gift voucher to pay for classes or therapies across the country. Just give the voucher to your Local yogabellies teacher and book in.

Do I need to take my own yoga mat to classes?

At YogaBellies classes, all mats and equipment will be provided unless otherwise stated, but it is better for you to have your own mat that you will get used to and this will help your practice at home too. We provide clean and fragrant mats and equipment which are thoroughly cleaned using paraben and sulphate free products, to use in class, you will never find a smelly yoga mat in our classes 🙂

Why do I need to complete a health questionnaire?

We ask all yogis to complete health questionnaires and to make our teachers aware of any pre-existing health conditions or ailments so that we can tailor any postures to your condition or in extreme cases, advise against practice. Our certified teachers are experts in their field and can help with any pre-existing health conditions. It is your responsibility to update your teacher if your health conditions change.

Are yoga classes suitable for men and women?

YogaBellies and YogaBelles are yoga classes created for women and children. Boys can of course attend our Kidz classes, up to age 12. At Birth ROCKS and YogaBellies Baby Massage classes, boys welcome here. For all other classes, including Mum (or Dad) and Baby classes, we have many men attendees.

If I miss a class can I get a refund?

You book a block of classes together as they are all an important part of your journey and learning. If you miss an individual class in this block, it cannot be carried over or refunded. The reason for this is we keep the classes small and need to keep count of how many people we can fit in each session. If you miss a class you have booked, we cannot give that single class to someone else as it has been reserved for you.

If you become ill ongoing during your pregnancy, or if there is some other reason you can’t continue the classes, please call your teacher and we can arrange a refund for you or for you to rebook at a later date or transfer to another class for you 🙂 The teacher can only refund from when you have given them notice.

If you are attending one of our prenatal classes and you go into labour or decide you cannot continue towards the end of your pregnancy, we will be happy to offer a refund from the date that you let us know 🙂 For all cancellations, a minimum 3 days notice is required.

YogaBellies for Pregnancy

Are the classes just to 'keep fit' during pregnancy?

Not at all – although we cover a full range of suitable pregnancy postures, we also cover breathing and relaxation techniques for pregnancy and childbirth. You also receive a YogaBellies Birth Pack and a self-hypnosis dowload to help you relax during pregnancy and birth. Also, at the end of the class, we discuss a different topic related to pregnancy and childbirth and drink tea and eat chocolate biscuits! 🙂 It’s a lovely way to meet similar minded new mums to be! We recommend that you begin YogaBellies for Pregnancy from 14-16 weeks gestation.

YogaBellies for Mum and Baby (Post Natal) Yoga

When can baby and I start these classes?

I would say as a general rule, for mums who have not practiced yoga before, 6 weeks post- partum, although you can come along and earlier for the baby part of the yoga classes. For those who have had a caesarean birth, I would say 8-10 weeks post-partum. Again, listen to your body and be guided by your health care provider. If you currently have a strong yoga practice or are unsure, feel free to call your YogaBellies teacher to discuss further. These classes are suitable for non-mobile babies that cannot crawl or walk (until around 7-10 months)

YogaBellies Loving Touch Baby Massage

When can baby and I start these classes?

You can start baby massage classes from day one and they are even beneficial for pre-term; and small babies and massage is proven to help them gain weight! Dad’s, grans and siblings welcome at baby massage also.


Can I attend YogaBelles classes when I am pregnant or post partum?

YogaBelles classes are suitable for women from mentruation to post menopausal but we would be keen that you attend our specific pre and post natal classes to ensure you get the most from your yoga journey and obviously from a safety point of view. If you are attending YogaBellesLunar classes to increase fertility and your chances of conception, please be assured that the Lunar YogAroma oil that we use is comepletely safe in pregnancy, so if you are still attending when you discover you are pregnant, there is no need to worry. The use of the other yogaroma oils during pregnany is prohibited.

We do not recommend attending YogaBelles classes until you are at least six months post partum. A good indicator of readiness to restart hatha yoga classes, is to check the curve of your spine against a wall. Your Certified YogaBellies teacher can help you do this.

AquaBellies/ AquaMamas/ AquaTinies/ AquaBelles

What should I wear?

For all of our water based exercise classes please wear a swimming costume or bikini, if you wish to wear a t-shirt or shorts over this please feel free to do so, however please note that not all swimming pools will allow this. Some swimming pools may require you to wear a swimming cap too so please ensure you check with your instructor before coming along to class.

Do I need to bring anything?

In addition to your swimsuit please ensure you bring with you a towel and any toiletries you may need to shower after your swim. Also, if you are attending the AquaTinies class you will need to ensure you bring a suitable swimming nappy (please note that regular nappies cannot be worn in the swimming pool) and something to secure it in place, such as a neoprene swim nappy cover. You will need a towel for baby and you may wish to bring your own travel mat for use in the changing room. All floats , equipment and toys will be provided throughout the classes.

Do I have to be a strong swimmer?

You do not need to be a strong swimmer to participate in these classes. However, we do ask that you are comfortable being in and around water so that you and other class participants are able to benefit fully from the class. Each venue will differ in depth, classes are taken at the shallow end of the pool. However, some teachers may use a section of the deep end (classes without baby) for a small part of your class. Please check with your teacher at the time of booking and if you have any concerns regarding swimming, please highlight these to her so that you can be provided with the necessary assistance.

Will there be lifeguard’s at my class?

Yes. It is AquaBellies policy that a fully qualified lifeguard is present on poolside at all times throughout your class for your safety and assistance.

Are the AquaBellies classes just swimming for pregnancy?

No- we actually do very little “swimming” in this class, our classes consist of aqua yoga postures, cardiovascular exercises and toning exercises using the noodle. We include games and activities throughout the class to encourage you to get to know the other participants so it’s a great way to make friends and we finish our classes with floating, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Are the classes suitable for men and women?

Our AquaBellies, AquaMamas and AquaBelles classes are specifically designed for women at a special stage in their lives. However, we do encourage men into our AquaTinies class so that the male family members do not miss out on this important bonding stage with baby. Please note that some classes may take place in a sectioned off area of the pool, while the other area remains available to public members both male and female. Please check with your instructor before booking if you require further information.