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The Business Information Portal, 6th January 2014, New year new start- The work and family show…

Midlands Business News, 6th January 2014, The first work and family show takes place at ExCel

Vivacious Mum, 14th January 2014, A mums life, the work and family show

The Daily Mail, 16th January 2014, No glass ceiling for the women going it alone

The Daily Mail (Scotland), 16th January 2014, No glass ceiling for the women going it alone

Boardroom Mum, 18th January 2014, Research reveals many working mums feel guilty, torn and overlooked

Healthier Mummy, 29th January 2014, 7 tips for a healthier work-life balance for parents

Chelsea Mama, 30th January 2014, The work and family show

Baby Buzz Magazine, February 2014, Guilt-ridden, torn between two roles and over-looked.

Frost Magazine, 7th February 2014, The current state of mind of working mums today

Families Online, 7th February 2014, Guilt ridden about going back to work?

UKMums.TV, 7th February 2014, Perfect Work Life Balance

OnRec, 14th February 2014, Guilt ridden, torn between two roles and over-looked

HR Network Scotland, 1st March 2014, Guilt ridden, torn between two roles and over-looked

Ealing and Acton Gazette, 28th March, TV Dragon impressed by the course born for mums-to-be

Just Because I Love. March 17th 2014, YogaBellies on the run

Family Go Live, 1st May 2014, The health benefits of yoga during pregnancy

Huffington Post, 2nd May 2014, Yoga During Pregnancy Can Reduce Anxiety And Depression In Expectant Mothers

Express Online, 9th May 2014, 10 things you didn’t know about yoga during pregancy

All My Goodness, 12th May 2014, The benefits of perinatal yoga

The baby, 14th May 2014, Yoga in pregnancy

ITV, 14th May 2014, YogaBellies on This Morning

The baby, 15th May 2014, The benefits of perinatal yoga

Voix, 18th May 2014, Why yoga makes mums happy

The Herald, Scotland, 19th May 2014, 10 things you didn’t know abut yoga during pregnancy

Psychologies, 19th May 2014, Seven tips for yoga when pregnant

Metro, 22nd May 2014, Hot classes aren’t rigid anymore

Women’s World, 22nd May 2014, Perinatal yoga

London Mums, 24th May 2014, Why yoga makes mums happy

The Daily Mail, 24th May 2014, How to beat stress

A-Listed, 27th May 2014, Get Beach ready wih 5 yoga positions

All About You, 28th May 2014, 10 weird and wonderful workouts

Mother&Baby, 28th May 2014, Top 10 baby and toddler classes

HappyFamilies, May 2014 YogaBellies, The new yoga for mums and mums-to-be

Baby World, 2nd June 2014, The benefits of perinatal yoga

London Mums, 2nd June 2014, The benefits of perinatal yoga

Happy Families, 5th June 2014, The new yoga for mums and mums-to-be

YHP, 6th June 2014, Cheryl MacDonald thriving with 108 YogaBellies Franchisees

Mumsnet, Kent, 7th June 2014, YogaBellies

HR Director, 9th June 2014, From Dragons’ Den to karma and zen

The Daily Mail, 19th June 2014, Finding a flexible job really is Child’s Play

London Mums, 26th June 2014, Using yoga to tone for the beach

Positive Health Online, 30th June 2014, YogaBellies

Closer, 1st July 2014, My life in cash

Kildare Post, 8th July 2014, Getting beach body ready

Donegal Post, 9th July 2014, Getting beach body ready

Talented Ladies Club, 11th July 2014, Yoga elder and founder of YogaBellies Cheryl MacDonald

Franchiseek, 15th July 2014, The rise of the YogaBellies franchise

The Guardian, 15th July, Three parentpreneurs share their tips for running a sucessful business, 15th July Understanding you bump and baby

Derry News, 15th July 2014, Getting beach body ready

Sportsister, 24th July 2014, 10 things you didn’t know about yoga during pregnancy

Healthy Magazine, July 2014, Pregnant Pause

ETC, August 2014, Yoga Mums

Baby Buzz, August 2014, The rise of the parent-friendly franchise

Business Zone, 8t August 2014, The yoga entrepreneur bending over backwards

Female First, 11th August 2014, Yoga is the best way to unwind after work

The Irish Sun 11th August 2014, Hot Ideas for Yoga

Ok Magazine, 12th August 2014, Kimberley’s page

The Guardian, 21st August 2014, Small business owners: How to pitch your business

SME Insider 22nd August 2014, Cheryl MacDonald, YogaBellies

OK Magazine, 26th August 2014, Yoga and catch-ups

The Telegraph, 27th August 2014, How She Did It

The Business Journal, August 2014, HR: Paternity Rights: YogaBellies case study

Pride Magazine, August 2014, YogaHeads

Baby Surrey, 2nd September 2014, Pregnancy yoga classes


The Daily Record, 1st January 2013, We’re counting the benefits of keeping our New Years resolutions

The Daily Record, 12th February 2013, SNP claim pregnant women and families could lose thousands

The Daily Record, 4th March 2013, Two mums explain how they’ve made their long-distance relationships work

Entrepreunial Spark Online Blog March 2013, YogaBellies®: ‘Best’ nationwide prenatal classes

The Daily Record, 9th March 2013, Scots mum who was told she was infertile says she gets butterflies

Hull Daily Mail, 13th March 2013, Yoga can be the perfect preparation for pregnancy and birth.

The Daily Record, 19th April 2013, Do mums worry more about sons than daughters?

The Daily Record, 22nd April 2013, Three Scots women reveal their secrets to looking and feeling good naturally

The Herald, 25th May 2013, Gently does it….

The Guardian, 7th June 2013, A yoga franchise gave me a business and the freedom to enjoy my family

The Daily Record, 25th July 2013, Do maternity laws penalise mothers?

What’s On 4 Little Ones, July 2013, Royal Baby UK Survey Results

Oh Baby!, Autumn 2013, p.22, Face The Fear and Do it Anyway

Female First, 29th August 2013, Interview on Birth ROCKS book

Daily Record, 31st August 2013, Terrified mum’s relief after overcoming her fears to try and secure £50k from Dragons’ Den

BullFax, 2nd September 2013, A decidedly ‘draining’ Dragons’ Den

BusinessZone, 2nd September 2013, Dragons’ Den 2013 episode four review

Business Matters, 2nd September 2013, A decidedly ‘draining’ Dragons’ Den

Unreality Primetime, 2nd September 2013, Dragon’s Den Episode Four: Duncan Bannatyne gets interested in a yoga class

This Is Surrey Today, 2nd September 2013, “Dragons’ Den Winners YogaBellies® come to Guildford

Get Into Newcastle, 3rd September 2013, Dragons’ Den Winners YogaBellies® come to Newcastle

Mums Club, 5th September 2013, Dragons’ Den Winner YogaBellies® slay the Dragons’

NewtownabbeyTimes, 7th September 2013, Sophie onto a winner with Dragon’s Den proposition

DorsetEcho, 9th September 2013, Yoga classes for pregnant women come to Dorchester

One to Watch, 4th October 2013, Flexible Friends

Made In Scotland Magazine, September 2013, YogaBellies slay the Dragons’

BQ-magazine, 10th December 1013, Scottish forms win £694,00 in funding

The Guardian, 13th December 2013, Hiring staff for your home business

The People, 22nd December 2013, Can you have it all?

Smart Women Smart Conversations, 25th December 2013, If Santa could bring one gift…

OM Yoga Magazine, November 2013, What’s a yoga franchise?


Families SouthWest, 16th January 2012, YogaBellies for mums and babies

The Daily Record, 17th April 2012, This Little Piggy helps relax babies

The Scottish Baby & Tollder Show Blog, 26th April 2012, YogaBellies for gentle births and peaceful parenting

The Daily Record, 4th June 2012, Scots families reveal the amount of food they waste

STV, 8th June 2012, Mums and babies invited to try a little relaxation

The Daily Record, 27th June 2012, Its child’s play when it comes to trying out different activities

The Telegraph, June 23 2012, YogaBellies classes reommended for mum and baby

The Daily Record, 20th July 2012, YogaBellies founder Cheryl MacDonald talks about make-up and yogic cleansing

The Glaswegian, 26th July 2012, YogaBellies new Women, Baby & Yoga Centre opens in Glasgow’s west end

The Daily Record, 1st October 2012, Scots mother’s reveal how they feel about leaving their kids

The Daily Record, 10th October 2012, Blood donors helped mum survive ‘Elephant Man’ disease

The Belfast Times, December 2012, Supermum awarded for helping other mums