7 Natural Ways to Help Your Children Sleep

A major concern for most stressed out parents, is getting their kids to bed at a reasonable time and without too much fuss. There are many natural ways to help your children get the sleep they need. Some require some schedule adaptation, some require setting right mood and some are all about supplements and diet. If you need to consider some natural sleep aids for children, try some these ideas to get your little ones to sleep.

1. You might consider putting your child on a regular schedule, at least for bedtime. It might be difficult the first few days, but it will work itself out. Try to choose a time you can adhere to each night, and stick to it as much as you can. After you have been working with the same schedule and all the sleep problems are taken care of, it won’t be so bad if you have to put them to bed a little later than usual.

2. Bedtime rituals are another good way to get little ones to go to bed. You can find some time to relax together, read some books, say their prayers, singing a soothing song, and saying good night, all while getting them to bed. This becomes part of their schedule and they will appreciate the rhythm of knowing what they are expected to do and what is going to be happening during this time.

3. Also when it comes to bed, you don’t want children to associate being naughty with bed time. If bedtime becomes a punitive action you may be setting yourself up for problems getting them to bed peaceably at other times.

4. As far as diet goes there are a couple of things you should avoid at the end of the day and maybe a couple of things that could help your little one get to sleep.

First make sure you aren’t giving them a lot of sugar at night. Things like chocolate and soda all have too many sweeteners and they could get jumpy and excited, not to mention the caffeine can prevent them from sleeping well for up to 18 hours. They could still fall asleep but won’t get the restful sleep they need. Try to give them healthier snacks before bed. Sugary snacks would be better to consume during the early part of the day.

5. If you want to give them something that will help them sleep, warm milk could be a good option. If nothing else is working you can also try natural sleep supplements for children like Hyland’s Calms Forte 4 Kids Sleep Aid. Rescue Remedy with 5 Bach Flower essences can also calm them and eliminate stress prior to bedtime making the transition easier.

6. In setting the mood for sleep you can try to make sure that your chils has a good pillow. As adults we try to find something comfortable for us, and try out several pillows at the store, so let your child do the same. Or buy them pillows specifically for children. The right pillow can make a huge difference for them.

7. Lavender oil or scent might help as well as music or a sound machine. You can find all of these at a local store. Just remember all kids seem to have trouble sleeping at some point, it just takes a little adjustment and you will be able to work it all out and all of you will get some sleep.

September 5, 2016

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