3 Simple Tips for Avoiding Yoga Injuries

You might think yoga is a foolproof practice. That there’s no way you can get hurt. Unfortunately, the opposite is …

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Study, Play, Yoga and Business

A beautiful guest blog from YogaBellies Teacher in Glasgow Southiside, Ellie Higgins. So after 8 months of ‘maternity leave’ filled …

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7 reasons why yoga for women is fab after fifty!

Author: Cheryl MacDonald, Yoga Elder and founder of The number of women who begin practising yoga after the age …

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Things to Look For When Buying a Yoga Mat

When most people start out with yoga, they tend to use the smelly studio mats provided in class (a haven …

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My Surprise Pregnancy Changed My Life! by Sophie Rainey CYT

A lovely blog from Certified YogaBellies Teacher, Sophie Rainey. Sophie teaches YogaBellies classes in East Dunbartonshire (Bishopbriggs & Bearsden.)   …

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YogaBellies My Journey So Far

A gorgeous blog from Certified YogaBellies Teacher for East Kilbride and Clarkston, Annie Perry The very same day I signed …

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How Aromatherapy Can Enhance Your Yoga Practice

Yoga and aromatherapy are holistic and ancient practices, both offering physical, mental and spiritual benefits for the practitioner. The use …

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  • Meditation: A Beginners Guide to How and Why
    Meditation: A Beginners Guide to How and Why. YogaBellies founder takes you through the many benefits of meditation and some simple. alternative ways to get started with a meditation practice. She takes you through some top pointers for getting started with meditation and  a one minute meditation to end the podcast. Cheryl MacDonald (a.k.a. Chhaya […]
  • Why Women with Arthiritis Need to be Practising Yoga
    Why Women with Arthiritis Need to be Practising Yoga with YogaBellies founder, Cheryl    Cheryl MacDonald (a.k.a. Chhaya or the pink yoginii,) is the founder of women’s yoga collective YogaBellies with over 100 teachers teaching the YogaBellies style for women at every life stage, across the globe. She is the creator of the Birth ROCKS […]