5 Reasons Why Active Women Need a Bump Belt During Pregnancy

There are many styles of bump or belly bands and belts available for women today: But what do they actually do? The main purpose of a Bump Belt is to support the lower back and growing abdomen during pregnancy.

Bump Bands vary greatly in quality, wear-ability, fiddly-ness and support, which is why, after working with active pregnant women and struggled with inadequate belts ourselves for so many years, we decided to design our own. A quality support belt, has many benefits for active women who are pregnant, especially during the second and third trimesters. This includes women who travel a lot for work, spend a lot of their time standing or moving around, and of course women who want to keep practising yoga, running and generally keeping fit and active throughout pregnancy.


Here are five reasons why you want to be wearing a Bump Belt during pregnancy…

1. Bump Belts Make Pregnancy More Comfortable

Many women suffer back and joint pain during pregnancy. This can be painful, frustrating and make every day activities difficult. Pregnancy is not an illness, but it can sure feel like one when you’re in constant pain! A recent study looked at back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. They found that 71 percent of women reported low back pain and 65 percent report pelvic girdle pain. Bump Belts can help support your lower back and baby bump during pregnancy, which means less discomfort and decreased pain overall.


Pregnancy Pains

During pregnancy our body releases Relaxin to allow the pelvis to open during childbirth. A disadvantage of this is that Sacroliliac or SI joint pain also frequently occurs during pregnancy. The hip joints often become loose and are less stable. This excruciating pain can be minimized by wearing a Bump Belt, as this can help to stabilize the joint.

Round Ligament Pain can occur during the second trimester. It’s can feel like anything from a dull ache to a sharp pain on the front of the hip and below your bump. RLP is caused by the added pressure on the ligaments from the weight of the growing uterus. This can cause terrible discomfort and pain for mother. The good news is that Bump Belt’s help distribute the weight of the baby across the back and abdomen, which can help relieve the pressure on the round ligaments and reduce pain.

2. Bump Belts gently support you when you are physically active

By gently compressing the abdomen by wearing a Bump Belt, you can help support your uterus and reduce any discomfort from movement during physical activity. Remember that too much compression on the abdomen can impair circulation, and it can cause negative effects on blood pressure. It can also contribute to heartburn and indigestion.

3. Bump Belt’s Improve Your Pregnancy Posture

Bump bands can also provide cues to your body to encourage proper and comfortable posture. By supporting the lower back and torso, belly bands encourage correct posture and prevent overextension of the lower back. The typical “leaning back” appearance of pregnancy is due to the extra weight being carried in front of the body in combination with the stretching and weakening of key core muscles that support the spine.

4. They allow you to carry on with your life

Exercise during pregnancy has many positive health benefits. A recent study indicated that prenatal exercise has a positive effect on health.

Exercise increases muscle tone and endurance and decreases the incidence of hypertension, depression, and diabetes. Many women are unable to exercise or continue working during pregnancy due to pain and discomfort. Wearing a belly band can help decrease discomfort and allow participation in daily activities, resulting in physical and financial benefits.

5. You can wear Bump Belts post-natally too

Decreased core strength is common in the weeks following birth. Muscles and ligaments that were stretched and strained during pregnancy require time to heal. Weakness combined with the demanding job of caring for a new-born can be challenging and lead to injuries.

Many women find that wearing a belly band postpartum provides additional support to the abdomen and lower back, decreasing discomfort. A belly band can be beneficial to women who have experienced a separation of the abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) by physically bringing the abdominal muscles back together. Combined with specific exercises, this may assist in closing the gap between the abdominal muscles.

Remember, a belly band is a temporary fix. It does not heal the underlying condition or dysfunction. By supporting the abdomen, it can “turn off” the muscles underneath, causing increased weakness long term.

Important Things to Know About Wearing a Bump Band

  • Wear a belly band or support garment for no more than two to three hours at a time to prevent over dependency.
  • Try wearing a soft vest underneath your bump band to increase comfort.

  •  Exercises to strengthen the transverse abdominis (TA) should be done in combination with the use of a belly band to strengthen the core muscles both during and after pregnancy.

  • Always consult your doctor before using any compression garments. Women with compromised circulation or abnormal blood pressure may be advised against the use of a belly band.

  • Belly bands are for temporary use and are not a permanent fix. It’s important to address the underlying dysfunction. A referral to physical therapy is recommended to address ongoing pain both during and after pregnancy.

YogaBellies Bump Belt…


Our lovingly crafted, fully adjustable YogaBellies® Bump Belt, is a unique pregnancy support belt for pregnant women on the go. Our Bump Belt is perfect to help women suffering from lower back pain during pregnancy, ensuring the best possible start for them and their little one. We also recommend our Bump Belts for women with demanding jobs, women who have to stand for prolonged periods or those that want to continue to remain active. The YogaBellies® Bump Belt will offer overall support, comfort and reassurance for all pregnant women, as their bellies and bumps begin to grow.

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