Why All Pregnant Women Need To Be Using a Foam Roller

What are some benefits of foam rolling for pregnant women?

Foam rolling is a form of Self myofascial release and is an inexpensive form of self massage you can do from the comfort of your own home. It is administered by using your own body weight and a high density foam roller to tackle knots in your muscle tissue. Today people tend to spend a lot of time sitting and this means that certain muscles, such as the glutes, become squashed down which can make it difficult for them to activate properly This put a lot of pressure on the lower back and hips. We designed the YogaRolla, specifically with the female body and life stages such as pregnancy and post-partum in mind.

When this happens, our biomechanics change and it puts too much emphasis on the wrong muscles and joints. This is even more prevalent for pregnant women. By placing pressure on these trigger points and the surrounding tissues using a foam roller, we can help release the tension. This means better blood flow and even better muscle activation, which relieves discomfort overall.

By reducing overall tension in your body through foam rolling, pregnant women will gain benefits in many different areas:

-Increased strength and muscle activation
-Increased and more efficient blood flow
-Better sleep quality
-Less aches and pains (in lower back pain and great for sciatica)
-More energy and less feelings of fatigue
-Instant relief from physical demands of being pregnant and taking care of a new baby

Should foam rolling be done pre or post exercise?

Definitely YogaRoll before your workout, and after if you want to. Both have benefits! Foam rolling is a perfect before or after yoga or exercise and is enhanced further by stretching afterwards. The more consistently you YogaRoll, the better your results will be.

How do I use The YogaRolla during pregnancy to maintain flexibility?

Some simple YogaRolling instructions for pregnancy:

The YogaRolla 2 in 1 foam roller is perfect for pregnancy as the soft inner tube can be a good place to start for ladies who have never rolled before. Begin with the soft inner and when you become accustomed to the pressure, you can begin to use the textured outer for different muscle groups as desired.

Using your YogaRolla, roll muscle groups like the hip flexors, lats ,glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads and the upper back. Always be sure to roll slowly, take your time to allow yourself to release any tension. Begin to relax before you begin. Foam rolling should be tender, but not unbearably painful. You will feel this! Spend a few minutes on each individual area.

– 1) Find some space on the floor, sit on a yoga mat if this provides more comfort.
– 2) Position your YogaRolla on the muscle group you want to target e.g under the buttocks.
– 3) Aim to keep your body in a stable and comfortable position and keep your spine neutral.
– 4) Slowly roll until you find a tender place, keeping your body nice and relaxed
– 5) Keep breathing! Allow tension to release in surrounding tissues, about 30-60 seconds on each area. Spend more time if you desire.
– 6) Keep moving onto other muscle group you want to target
– As with any new exercise, be sure to consult your care provider first.

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