YogaBellies Reviews: Lumie Bodyclock Iris

Revolutionised my wake up call!

I was very kindly sent a Lumie Bodyclock Iris to take for a test drive and I wasn’t disappointed. The official word on the Lumie Bodyclock Iris (RRP £160) is that it, “offers a touch of luxury for ladies by combining aromatherapy with light therapy for the first time. Comes with twin chambers so you can easily switch between morning and evening essential oils. This is perfect for yogis and an extra treat for expectant ladies (as long as they exclude the oils contraindicated for pregnancy).” For me, this sums up the product perfectly.

The clock basically puts you to sleep and wakes you up gently without the horrors of a screeching alarm clock. Instead you drift off to sleep gently, with the (very lovely) option of adding in your favourite essential oil blend, which is emitted as you start to doze off. I’ve been going with a lovely Lavender and Geranium blend, which is so calming and just makes your bedroom smell amazing too. In the morning, 30 minutes before you wake up, the glowing light from the clock very gradually starts to get brighter and brighter until it’s full glow and you are wide awake. As with the bedtime option, you can choose to add your favourite aromatherapy scent to kick start your day. My morning choice of blend is either Lemongrass and Ginger or Yuzu and Lime, both of which have a lovely citrus zest and really make you wake up in the best mood 🙂 If you’re pregnant, remember to be careful with your selection of essential oils.

The Bodyclock is very easy to set up using the remote control: You set date, time and language you desire. The you use the easy to follow instruction booklet, to programme in your sleeping and waking times. My 6 year old still gets up between 5am and 6am (help me!,) so it took a couple of days for me to find the correct time to set it for, for optimal wake up. The amazing thing is that is really does wake you up – without an alarm. I’ve certainly noticed that I’m a lot less agitated in the morning being woken up like this, instead of having a boisterous tweenager bouncing on my head. He still does, of course, but I’m a little more prepared for it after my gentle wake up.

I love the aromatherapy feature and the fact that it’s a clock, an alarm, a nightlight and an aroma difuser. I’ve managed to clear a lot of space on my bedside table and it looks cute too. It’s a bit of an investment, but I cannot recommend the Bodyclock Iris enough – definitely one for the Christmas list! Perfect for pregnancy, when you still have to get up and got to work and have had an uncomfortable night’s sleep and also for mamas dragged out of bed in the wee small hours. Even better for those of you who don’t have mini people dragging you out of bed 🙂 I also think this would be great for anyone suffering from SAD.

You can buy the Bodyclock Iris here, or Lumie have many other models to choose from you. If you can stretch the budget, I’d go for the Iris with the aromatherapy feature as it’s just beautiful. Lumie Bodyclock is also available through several retailers including amazon, John Lewis, Boots, wriggle and for Lumie Bodyclock Iris only, Neal’s Yard.

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