YogaBellies Reviews: Car Seats, Teethers and Mobiles Galore!

Our lovely YogaBellies Teacher in Newtonabbey and Bangor, Sophie Keil, reviews some great baby products for Aldi. Aldi have an excellent sale on right now where you can buy all of these products.



If I was ever meant to road test a product it is this one! This seat is suitable from 9kgs/ 20lbs and my little man hit this weight during the week! I also have a very tall 3 year old girl so we got to try her in it too! As you can see in the photos it’s hard to believe that my 2 are in the same seat! I do have to say though, I would not feel happy to put my little man in this car seat for sometime yet even though he meets the requirements as there is absolutely no head support for him. If he was to fall asleep and slump it would be very uncomfortable for him, even though it is on the lowest setting. However, this seat is absolutely fantastic for my little girl! Using the easy to follow instructions I removed the harness straps. It was a little bit of a struggle to pop and twist the metal buckles, but after applying a teaspoon it was very easy! Popping the seat into my car was very quick and easy and she is so comfortable! The car seat is also very light at approximately 5kgs so this made installation so easy too. This is an excellent seat, but as I mentioned before, I would be reticent to place a 20lb baby in it due to the lack of head and neck support when sleeping. 



This gorgeous little guy is a big hit my my little Teether! Unlike my daughter who is now 3, my little 7 month old guy has had such trouble with his wee toothies! The hedgehog is brightly coloured, with crinkly spikes and a squeaky nose for sensory play. Most importantly, each of the feet are a teether which is great as they are quick and easy for him to grab and pop into his sore little mouth! Another fantastic feature of this product is that it is fully machine washable, ideal because as we know a teething baby has the capacity to dribble and drool more than you could ever imagine! 

Lily & Dan Owl Musical Mobile


This product comes beautifully packaged. It is easy to open and assemble! No instructions required to attach the several arms together and to click the musical components to the top. This mobile has been finished in pink fabric and is adorned with gorgeous pink owls and hearts, it’s very pretty! I also like the fact that the musical component is wind up, means that I’ll not be scuffling about in the middle of the night to find batteries. This is a lovely product overall but I have to say that the music is very predictable and the sort played on every other mobile in the land. It would be lovely to find a new tune to freshen things up a bit, because, after all, the parents get to “enjoy” these tunes just as much as the babies! 

September 23, 2016

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