YogaBellies Brings Community Back to Women on International Women’s Day

As International Women’s Day, Wednesday 8 March 2017, approaches, we celebrate women supporting women around the globe and recognise the importance and role of community in women’s mental and physical health.

YogaBellies offer so much more to women than just a yoga class and have grown to be known internationally, as an emotional and social hub for women at every life stage Founder Cheryl MacDonald, explains why community is so vital for women: “In days gone by, women lived at home with their mums and sisters and had ongoing support when they were pregnant and had children or when they suffered from debilitating PMS or cramps. In modern times, we generally no longer have that strong community support. Many new mums for example, are at home themselves all day, often with no one to talk to or support them.

“When I founded YogaBellies, my baby had just been born and my best friend had died. I needed that community and support and just didn’t have it and so I created my own community, to help other women during this vulnerable time. Other women are now widely recognising YogaBellies role in helping women’s physical and mental health at every age.

We now have over 100 YogaBellies teachers across the world, hosting their own YogaBellies communities and supporting other women. Women-centric yoga classes, meditation, support groups and social events are all part of what we do. We’re bringing women together and encouraging them to embrace their womanhood and each other. Sometimes just someone else to talk with or meeting new friends at the same place in life, can be so valuable and the difference between health and depression.

“International Women’s Day is an important date for us as it’s about celebrating everything that YogaBellies is: supporting women’s physical and mental wellness and encouraging ‘sisterhood.’”

Busy mum Cheryl, set up YogaBellies shortly after the birth of her son Caelen, now 7, in a bid to combine her passion for Yoga with that of being a mother. Through franchising the YogaBellies methods, she has enabled women world-wide to build their own YogaBellies community, working around their families and supporting other women.


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