5 Reasons Why Baby Wearing Is Awesome

Mums across the globe are have been returning in droves to ‘wearing their babies’ in a wrap or sling. There are so many companies that make these slings, wraps and baby carriers, so you can literally wear your baby whenever you want – even in the swimming pool! Many different styles ensure that you will find the best fit you and your baby, but why wear your baby at all?


With attachment parenting becoming more mainstream, more and more mums are learning about the benefits of wearing your baby and want to try it themselves. In case you haven’t heard all about these benefits, check out the ones we’ve listed below.


  1.     The first benefit is that your baby is always very close to you. They spent many months inside their mother’s body, warm and secure and connected to her, so this is where they are used to being and love being, with you. They can hear your heart beat, feel your warmth and smell your scent as well. It is wonderful for mums and dads to wear their babies close and be able to look down at them often and talk to them, helping to develop that deep attachment that is so important. The love they feel from you is something that they will thrive on, and the closer they are to you, the more they can thrive. Results of studies by the American Academy of Paediatrics, show that carried babies cry on average 43% less, at night 54% less. It means that their body releases less stress hormones, and the babies are more joyful and relaxed.


  1.     Another benefit with new-borns especially, is they can become easily bored and you are always ready to feed them. The slings especially allow you to easily slip them inside a protective pouch for some discreet breastfeeding. Even if you do bottle feed you can use the sling to help you hold them. They will feel cradled and loved in these positions and possibly fall asleep from in comfort. Constant motion and vertical posture also relaxes acid reflux, and colic. Research by the Harvard University also proves that babies who are carried fall asleep sooner, and snooze longer.


  1.     Believe it or not, the slings and carriers that are coming out are actually good for your back. There used to be carriers that were like a backpack and they did wear on your back a bit, now though with the slings available they put the weight of the baby in just the right spot so there is less stress on your back. Even as they grow older, up to 25 pounds the slings are better for your back than carrying them around on your hip.


  1.     When you have a new baby one of the things that seems to cross every mums mind is getting rid of baby fat. You can’t wait to shed those pounds. This is another benefit of baby wearing. Carrying around that little bundle of joy all the time adds to the calories you burn.


  1.     One last huge benefit of baby wearing is it gives other family members the chance to be close to baby and bond with them as well. If you are breastfeeding it can be tough on the others that waited with you for this special bundle, especially dad. Have him slip a sling on and carry the baby to get some of that ultra-bonding time with the baby.


Baby wearing is a great experience for mum, dad, and baby; you can find slings all over the Internet that will work great for this activity. Remember that to make sure that your baby carrier meets the regulations for safety and quality standards, as many of the cheaper wraps are imported from abroad and don’t use for retardant or durable materials suitable for carrying a baby. If you aren’t having a baby soon, definitely keep these in mind for baby showers and new baby gifts.


The YogaBellies® Baby Wrap is produced in the UK and made of beautifully soft, 100% cotton and is suitable for babies from birth to 16kg. Each deluxe wrap comes with its own storage bag & a matching baby hat, as well as an instruction booklet & safety leaflets. Each wrap features a care label on one end of the wrap & a company label as the middle marker. 

The super-comfy stretchy wrap carrier by YogaBellies®, is one of the leading wraparound baby sling brands in the UK designed by the award winning YogaBellies® Perinatal Yoga School.

Our baby wraps are hand made in the UK and have been UK/EU safety tested and they were deemed to conform to BS EN. 13209-2:2005 stringent safety standards for soft baby carriers. Appropriate insurance and a high capacity quality control also in place.  

The nature of design and textile quality allows the weight of the baby to be evenly distributed across the mother’s back eliminating the back/shoulder pain issues associated with other overly structured baby carriers. Joy and Joe baby carriers allow mothers to position their babies in an ergonomic position that won’t predispose babies to hip dislocation.

YogaBellies also prides itself on its exceptional customer services ensuring that mums and dads are well supported and empowered to graciously and safely carry their precious ones into the future with comfort and style.

The YogaBellies Baby Wrap comes in four colours: fuchsia, aqua, slate and deep purple and measures 56cm wide & 586cm long. 

The YogaBellies Baby Wrap will is now available for sale on Amazon UK.


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