YogaBellies girls GoCoco Nuts at Sangha Meet!


Feeling the love for GoCoco

The lovely peeps at GoCoco know how much the YogaBellies ladies love their coconut water, so when they heard it was time for our Winter Sangha meet, they made sure we had plenty of the healthy stuff to keep up hydrated and alert during the event!

You could drink Go Coco simply because it tastes good – it’s smooth, delicious, and light. Sweet and more exciting than plain old water, it’s not just a flavourful and completely natural hydration alternative, it’s also good for you! Yogis and mummies alike can benefit from the hugely hydrating benefits of coconut water (we all know how thirsty we get when feeding!!)

Why is coconut water awesome?

Coconut water contains five naturally occurring electrolytes, including calcium and potassium, which helps the body to fight water retention and muscle cramps. And studies have shown that coconut water causes less nausea than plain water when used to rehydrate, which is perhaps why some pregnant women find it eases morning sickness.

No nasties

Go Coco is all natural with no need for added sugar or syrupy flavours. We love our coconut water, which is why we only bottle the naturally sweet water of young Thai coconuts. This means we can keep our coconut water 100% natural, without ever sacrificing taste.

Our personal favourite is GoCoco water, it’s not too tangy and is really easy to drink. We love it after yoga practice and just for fun actually! Follow them on twitter @gococo

November 26, 2014

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