Why We Should Teach Guided Meditation in the Classroom

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Why guided meditation in the classroom?

Using these meditations with children is not the same as reading stories to them. Reading is passive. Children do understand and become involved inwhat you are reading, but in guided meditation, they become actively involved. Reading a story and reading a meditation are different functions. Reading stories to children is a must because it helps the child to learn and spell, but meditation enables the mind to become free, to explore.

Each meditation has its own distinctive theme and gives children the opportunity to experience it. They radiate lovingkindness; climb mountains; collect seashells; become a bird; feel the touch of the wind on their face; and go to the moon. There are so many things they can do, and all these things must bring their imagination to the fore.

In other words, they participate in the meditation and learn to be in touch with the source of love, strength and wisdom inside themselves.

Why teach meditation in the classroom?

“From the time I started, we noticed that some children immediately went into a relaxed state and stayed motionless for the duration of thE meditation.Others fidgeted. They could not sit still and had trouble keeping their eyes closed.”

“The children who went deeply into meditation, and stayed, happened to be the better students. The ones who fidgeted were children whose attention span was limited and who had difficulty concentrating in the normal course of learning.”
“The children who were having the most difficulty with their studies were improving. They were able to think processes through, which was not possiblebefore. The quality of their stories improved and showed a far better use of imagination.”

“Anything that can free a child’s mind should be used. We end up being bound by restrictions, which we must accept to get through life, but our
minds should be free and active. Problem-solving becomes easier if the mind can see around corners instead of existing in the limited space to which we sometimes condemn it.”
(Extracted from Moonbeam – a book of meditations for children by Maureen Garth)

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February 18, 2016

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