PeaceLoveYoga Retreat in Bali 2015

Our PeaceLoveYoga Retreat offers the opportunity to look at not only your yoga practice, but your life as a whole. We will work with you individually to help you re-evaluate what’s important to you and where you want to be. Our unique combination of yoga, relaxation and therapy, is your perfect start to the New Year.

In the beautiful surroundings of Candidasa, Bali, take time out to re-evaluate and focus for the year ahead. Beautiful beach front accommodation; nutritious food; yoga practices created just for women and traditional Balinese massage and spa, will make this week a great way to start again. Join us for a week of health, wellness, vitality and of course, love.

“Our PeaceLoveYoga Retreat is about loving yourself and finding peace within. Wither your new to yoga or want to rediscover your love for it, our feminine yoga practices that will change your life forever.”

Cheryl, Retreat Host & Yoga Elder

What is the PeaceLoveYoga Retreat all about?

The retreat is the perfect opportunity for you to explore, develop and deepen your personal yoga and meditation practice, no matter your level of yoga experience. You will learn deeply healing, life- transforming skills, all within this peaceful and inspiring retreat environment.

YogaBellies classes, we also offer an option to team this retreat with further online and home practice and study to allow you to qualify as a YogaBellies Teacher.

Who is it for?

The PeaceLoveYoga Retreat is open to all women, no matter your age, size or level of yoga experience.

This is a residential retreat with all of your handouts, accommodation, food, drinks and yoga sessions included and much more. This boutique retreat will have limited numbers, so that each and every woman can luxuriate in oodles of personal attention.

The sessions will be led by YogaBellies founder and yoga elder, Cheryl MacDonald and her team of Shishya’s at this once in a lifetime intensive women’s yoga retreat. You will enjoy beautiful, exotic and deeply spiritual surroundings and take positive steps towards a new you.

Where and when is it?

Our retreat will be held at the deluxe beachfront resort of PURI BAGUS CANDIDASA, Bali from the evening of Friday the 29th January until Thursday the 4th of February 2016. This is a residential retreat, with everything that you need included. This life changing week is not just about yoga, but YOUR personal yoga journey and bringing peace and love to the parts of your life that need it most.

Puri Bagus Candidasa is a place to relax and allow the spirit of the island to come to you. Stretch out on your terrace and enjoy the stunning view of tropical gardens and the Indian Ocean. Outside of the retreat hours, you will have time to experience some of the fantastic local activities like snorkelling, sailing or diving, exploring the Balinese culture or indulging in an authentic Balinese Spa treatment. You can read the fantastic reviews of Puri Bagus on Tripdvisor.

What happens on retreat?

The PeaceLoveYoga® Retreat for Women, will give you an insight into yoga practices created specifically for women, allowing you to integrate your yoga practice into your everyday life for long lasting, improved health and serenity.

Twice daily yoga sessions, aromatherapy, massage and spa as well as three healthy meals per day are included in your package. Cheryl will take you through a one to one yoga life coaching session to focus your journey. You will have lots of free time during the day and in the evenings to explore, relax or further your journey. We recommend that you attend all of the sessions, but it’s entirely up to you.

As part of your package you will have a one hour Balinese Massage included; attend a Balinese Blessing ceremony and take part in a sacred Red Tent women’s circle.

You will learn how to use aromatherapy within your yoga practice, so that after you practice, you feel as if you just left the Spa. We will take your yoga and meditation practices back to basics, and help you incorporate them into your day to day life. To help you integrate and customize your experience, you will also receive a one on one yoga life coaching session with Cheryl.

Want to find out more? Read our retreat brochure here

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