Let YogaBelles be your New Year’s Resolution

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We all know that making a New Year’s Resolution can be a interesting topic of conversation, with comments such as, “I’m giving up chocolate” or, “I’m going to walk to work three times a week” or it can even be something as simple as “I’m going to smile more on a Monday!”  Sadly as we are all too aware, New Year’s Resolutions don’t often make it into February, but how about if you could find something that was so unbelievably good for you that you just simply couldn’t stop once you started, and that my friends is YogaBelles!

YogaBelles® is a form of hatha yoga created by women for women and respects the changes and cycles of a woman’s life. Balance is obtained by stimulating the body and the mind, through yoga and aromatherapy.  

YogaBELLES® sessions honour what it is to be female. Energetic, spiritual and eclectic sessions that encourage you to embrace your inner Goddess in all her forms. Each type of session in our YogaBelles series follows a distinct theme and style.

Not only do you decide your distinct journey suitable for where you are at in your life, your yoga practice is enhanced by use of our BeNatural® oils. We use a special blend of beautiful therapeutic aromatherapy oils – a distinct blend for each element which helps to change our focus of practice and to further enhance your yoga practice and allows you to indulge your senses completely.

The most important aspect of YogaBelles® classes is that they are exclusively for women. That’s not because we don’t like men, but because physically, emotionally and spiritually we are distinct from men. Our bodies and hormonal fluctuations despond differently to different asanas and styles of practice. We make use of ancient yogic techniques in a relaxed and accessible environment, using therapeutic aromatherapy blends applied to the pulse points and diffused into the room to deepen and enhance your practice. As you take the first inhale and begin to move, the beautiful, soothing aromas fill your lungs and start to work their magic as you practice…

 Check out to find the YogaBELLES® pathway that resonates with your mind, body and spirit.

December 14, 2014

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