Health Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Just like in adults, yoga has been shown to be a highly efficient method of treating different ailments in kids. This includes reduction of headaches, improvement of concentration and even reduction of the rates of obesity. Studies prove that even children with autism spectrum disorders can improve their condition by systematically practicing breathing exercises and yoga postures. Yoga improves not just their flexibility, strength and balance, but also focus and sense of self-awareness. It also helps children with mental disorders to learn to calm themselves.

Yoga is also successfully used for post-traumatic stress disorder therapies. Teenage girls that attended yoga class as a part of their psychological therapy showed significant decreases in depression, anxiety, dissociation, and intrusive/avoidant symptoms, and admitted to feeling less stressed and more relaxed.

For children with disabilities or chronic health conditions yoga postures can be adapted to match their physical abilities and needs. Poses can be done while seated in a chair or wheelchair. In case of cerebral palsy, yoga exercises help to stretch and realign the spine, lengthen the space between vertebrae, and relax the pressure on nerves. This releases muscle tension, improves coordination, and ensures a greater range of movement.

Yoga is successfully used for treatment of children with special needs. Yoga has a more comprehensive effect as compared to traditional therapies that mostly target specific problems. It is used to aid conventional medical treatment and helps to stimulate the development of a child.

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April 9, 2016

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