Baby Massage and Post Natal Depression

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Baby Massage and PND by Lisa Logan, CYT and YogaBellies Loving Touch Baby Massage Trainer

There are many reasons why baby massage can help with PND. Firstly, massage stimulates release of the hormone Oxytocin, the body’s natural happy chemical. This hormone can help you and your baby form a close attachment with each other. Additionally eye contact, listening to their sounds of contentment and delight, and seeing their physical enjoyment is infectious.


Baby massage is also great for helping with pain relief in colic, teething pain and constipation. All of these things cause distress and discomfort in babies, reduce sleep for baby and you, and add to the feelings of anxiety which accompany PND. Baby massage classes will teach you how to massage the tummy to relieve digestive problems, the neck and jaw for teething and different techniques that can help reduce colic related stress and distress. Incorporated into bedtime or pre-nap routines, sleep can also be improved. It’s also a great time to hand your baby to your partner who’s maybe been working all day, to give you a break and take 20mins out for you.


And finally, classes can just be a great way to meet other mums and let off steam which can ease the loneliness and isolation you feel with PND. And if you can’t face a class there are lots of instructors who run one to one sessions either in your home or at their private practice.


December 7, 2014

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