Imagine bringing the feeling & awareness you get from yoga into all your relationships? 

In ancient Eastern cultures, women would prepare for marriage by doing a journey through the chakras to unveil every facet of themselves. This is where our modern custom of ‘unveiling the bride’ comes from. We unveil for our Beloved when we have unveiled every aspect of our soul. So our relationships are built on a strong foundation of self-loving awareness of what we need to honour every aspect of ourselves.

In stark contrast, in our modern world we have a divorce rate of 50% where the majority of people look for someone to be they’re knight in shining armour & we fall in love with their potential, then reject them for not living up to our expectations. 

Ultimately, we cannot truly commit to anyone else until we see & know every aspect of ourselves, including the aspects we have suppressed or disassociated from.

Best selling author, Tanishka – Facebook’s ‘Moon Woman’ with half a million followers has spent two decades initiating women through this journey of self love – to unveil themselves, warts & all at the 7 gates & now offers it as an online course, for both men & women (singles & couples), regardless of gender preference who wish to truly know themselves as a foundation for conscious relationships with others.

Registrations are now open for those in the Northern Hemisphere as we start our journey on the Autumn (Fall) Equinox on Sept 21. To join visit:

What Others Say About This Experience!

‘I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for this course. This course has been shifting me month by month into a completely new way of living and it has gifted me the tools to truly see myself and be who I am.’ 
– Ruth, Australia

‘Tanishka provides you with what you need to figure out who you are, how you are feeling, what you need. If you are looking for your sign this is it, sign up and have a blast.”
– Josephine, USA

“I really feel this course is bringing me back to life and I would encourage anyone who wants a better relationship with themselves to do it, it will be one of the most worthwhile things you’ll ever do.”
– Ingrid, Australia

“All these exercises and these meditations helped me get to know to know my dark side and to work with it rather than fight it, loving it rather than hating it. I see my partner with a different eye, I understand her needs and wants better. I am happy to make her happy and not anymore just happy that she makes me happy. Thanks for everything.” 
– Pierre, Switzerland

There is so much ‘gold’ in this course. I have found it highly beneficial to have more of an understanding of the archetypes and how to work with my shadow and embrace transformation and Tanishka Tantrika brings so much humour and ‘realness’ to the journey – it makes ‘light’ work of it (pardon the pun!) and is very accessible for everyone. The tools I have gained from this course will serve me in so many ways. Tanishka has so much knowledge and wisdom to share, I have learned so much from her books and have deep gratitude and respect for her life’s work.’

Christina Kylie Reeves

September 5, 2015

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