Boosting your Mood with Citrus Oils

I LOVE aromatherapy oils! The YogaBellies girls and I use them for everything from the cold, to enhancing our yoga practice to beauty routines and perfumes.

Different Scents
Citrus scents have always been my favourite, my favourite scents to burn for my yoga practice are Yuzu and Lime or Lemongrass. Just smelling the aroma opens your mind and awakens your spirit, and it just so happens it is great for mood elevation and can also help alleviate stress. On top of that, citrus oils have properties that can be used to help inflammation, depression, and even act as an aphrodisiac – hey hey!

Lemon for my lymphatic system
I like to add 2 drops of lemon to my water every morning. This citrus oil stimulates white blood cells to defend the body against infection. Its detoxifying and regenerating properties are great for your liver, and help bring clarity to your mind and balance your emotions.

So many studies have been done on the different reactions people have to different smells by measuring vital signs and mental stimulation. When people were exposed to citrus oils, the participants showed immediate signs of lowered anxiety and stress and were more relaxed.

Brighten your day the Citrus way 😉
Some other incredible benefits of citrus oils include improved digestion and even reducing nausea – probably why I was so drawn to Lime during pregnancy! It is also great to add citrus oils to your cleaning materials or make your own cleaning materials with citrus oils. Citrus oils have a disinfecting quality and help your home smell great.

When you are trying to lift your mood or just brighten your mind and day, use citrus oil directly on your skin, diffused into the air, or put them into a relaxing bath. Citrus oils can even help you detox and I’m going to treat you to a mini essential oils detox shortly so watch this space…

October 20, 2015

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