7 Ways To Perfect Your Postpartum Sanctuary

Whether your sanctuary is your bedroom or your entire house, create a sacred space with these seven elements for your fourth trimester postpartum window.

Your body is where your newborn has called home up until now. Creating a sacred, womb-like container at home dedicated to nurturing and bonding, is a wonderful way to ease your newborn’s transition from the womb into life in the outside world. Whether your nest is your bedroom or your entire house, create a sacred space with these seven elements for your fourth trimester postpartum window.

1.Stay cosy and warm  

I’ve talked about before how important it is to stay warm during the postpartum period. Use a space heater or fireplace to warm up your home sanctuary. Wear cosy socks, an extra jumper if needs be – just stay warm. Hot water bottles and heat packs can work really well too – fill hot water bottles with warm water and put under the bedsheets for you to lie on. Heat packs are brilliant for your back, neck and abdomen.

2.Dim the lights

Sheer curtains work well for daytime resting and we love candlelight (real or battery operated) for evening light. Mood lighting is all good here!

3.Stock up…

…on cushions, beanbags, bolsters, blankets and pillows. These provide lots of extra comfort for naps and cuddles.

4.Make use of essential oils

Diffuse soothing aromatherapy blends in your sanctuary. Check out my aromatherapy videos or attend our Aromatherapy for Life workshop for excellent blends. Start with lavender; a traditional soothing blend or try bergamot or cinnamon for winter warmers. Keep the scents as natural as possible with candles or burners.

5.Play soothing music

Meditative music such as sound baths, singing bowls, nature sounds, chanting or even a yoga play list from Spotify help create a restorative, relaxing mood in your sanctuary.

6.Try Nurture by YogaBellies

YogaBellies NURTURE was created to support mothers immediately postnatally, which is traditionally a time when we were supported by ‘the village:’ a community of women arounds us, such as grans, aunts, friends and neighbours. In today’s society, women tend to be left home alone with baby while their partner goes out to work. NURTURE offers the support and care that modern women tend not to receive in modern society.

Embracing Ayurvedic, African and Eastern postpartum self and infant massage techniques, rituals and philosophies, we have created ‘a village’ for our mothers. A unique blend of care and recuperation for mother with baby, Nurture is not a yoga class. You can start immediately postpartum and can bring baby along or choose not to. Extend your sanctuary with YogaBellies NURTURE. Find your local class here.

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