5 Spooky Yoga Poses Ideal for Halloween

Grab your mat (and your sense of humour) for this spooktacular flow. These fun poses are a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween while having fun and are perfect for kids and adults.

The following fun poses mimic a lot of the creatures and creepy crawlies that we associate with Halloween. Plus, they require you to support your own bodyweight, which builds muscles and helps burn off all those trick or treating sweeties!

Black Cat (Marjaryasana)

Start on all fours and round your spine like a black cat, tucking your chin into your chest. Then tuck your toes under and come into a squat.

Old Black Crow (Bakasana)

From your squat, lift the balls of your feet and place your knees in your armpits. Lean forward and engage your core to lift your feet up into Old Black Crow Pose, balancing on your hands. Come down to rest, then prepare to come into a squat.

Creepy Crawly Pose (Tittibhasana)

Come into a squat with your legs wide and your hands behind your heels with your fingers facing forward. Balance the backs of your upper thighs on your elbows and extend your legs forward out in front of you.

Witch on a Broomstick (Utthan Pristhasana)

Now, lower down onto your feet and lunge your left foot back, keeping your right leg lunging on the outside of your right wrist. Reach your right arm under your leg, stretching it out to the side, then lengthen the opposite arm out to its own side as well. Hold for 5 breaths, then step back to downward-facing dog and repeat on the other side.

Scary Ghost Boo Pose (Simhasana)

From a kneeling position, lift up slightly off your heels, round your spine, make your hands into fists, and pull your fists in toward your belly. Then stretch your arms out to the sides as you stick out your tongue and scream!

Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

Gently move onto your back ad lie with your legs apart and arms by your sides for corpse pose to round up your Halloween flow.

Happy Halloween!



October 30, 2019

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