5 Ways to Recharge this Autumnal Equinox

The Autumnal equinox is here – a time for rejuvenation and reawakening. As the leaves begin to turn golden, the weather is a little crisper, and the days shorter, it can only mean autumn is on its way, and it’s time to slow down in pace and reconnect with nature after a busy summer.

This season, and the autumn equinox, in particular, is a great time to re-evaluate and think about some much needed ‘me’ time. We’ve put together 5 ways to recharge during autumn.

1. Nourish your mind

A happy mind will work wonders for your general wellbeing. A healthy diet with a range of colourful fruits and veg and leafy greens can boost serotonin levels, leaving you feeling more upbeat. It’s estimated that up to 70% of western women are deficient in magnesium, so ensure you’re consuming magnesium-rich foods to nourish your mind. If you have the time, batch-cooking chunky vegetable-rich soups and stews can save an enormous amount of practical and mental time.

2. Embrace the colour

There are lots of delicious, vibrant foods that are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants such as vitamin C or anthocyanidins, which are vital for circulatory and immune health. But the colour change in nature is also something to behold. Leaves change from bold auburn to rusty orange, and the warming hues of reds and browns are a sight to be enjoyed and embraced. Autumn is a beautiful time of the year to enjoy nature, so if you can, get out and about.

3. Add some spice

This more relaxed time of year is the perfect opportunity to use plenty of warming herbs and spices in soups and stews to support circulation and to induce support for the immune system. Ginger, rosemary, black pepper, garlic, horseradish, cayenne pepper, turmeric and cumin are all nourishing – especially if you feel under the weather.

4. Yoga for mind and body

The darker mornings and colder weather can be off-putting, making us feel less inclined to jump out of bed and get active, but your current practice shouldn’t fall by the wayside. Be mindful of energy and think about slower, more restorative poses including child’s pose, corpse pose and happy baby.

Not only is a daily practice of yoga great to loosen your limbs and prevent stiffness, but it’s also a great way to increase and maintain your mental wellbeing. Visit the YogaBellies website and find a class to suit you.

 5. Positive vibes

Spend quality time with friends and family this autumn. Catchup over pumpkin spiced lattes or a nice warming bowl of soup. Autumn is an ideal time to slow down and reconnect so nurture those meaningful relationships in your life.

Happy autumn,



September 23, 2019

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