No Need to Struggle with The Juggle: National Working Parents Day

Every year, 16th September is a special awareness day that’s dedicated to celebrating and recognising hardworking parents worldwide. At YogaBellies, we know the challenges that come with being a working mum, and how the juggle can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Mum’s across the globe go through many of the same experiences as each other on a daily basis, and we can all relate to familiar situations. How many times have you had big plans for your free time with your little one for them not to happen? We’ve all, at one point or another, had ambitious plans to get up, get ready, and head out for a day full of activities – “seize the day” as they say – for a long lie and a lazy day in our pyjamas to suddenly become far more appealing when we open our eyes first thing.

Of course, there are many other examples, but we could be here for some time…

The Right to Empowerment

As women and mothers, we all have the right to be independent and empowered, but it can often be difficult to shake the age-old stereotype of ‘stay at home mum’ and the connotations that come with that.

So, YogaBellies would like to take the opportunity to celebrate all those hardworking mothers this National Working Parents Day. This is a day to pay tribute to those special mums who work hard and find daily strength despite facing the challenges of being a parent while working.

But for many mums out there, work isn’t an enjoyable aspect of their life and more of a necessity. We say hell no to that, which is why we offer exciting and lucrative opportunities for mums everywhere to run their own business by becoming a YogaBellies franchisee.

Becoming a Yoga Teacher

What exactly does this mean? Well, we work with women and encourage empowerment whether you’re training, teaching or attending one of our classes. We have locations all over for budding YogaBellies teachers to introduce a range of classes to such as pregnancy, mum and baby, core play and Luna, to name a few.

Each of our wonderful YogaBellies teachers helps women and children by using a set of unique YogaBellies techniques. When you become a franchisee, you can determine exactly what you want from work and your personal life, and as a big family of empowered women, we will help you decide the best path for you while developing and growing your skillset as you start your journey as a YogaBellies teacher.

If you’re looking for a change this National Working Parents Day or would like to find out more about becoming a certified YogaBellies teacher, get in touch and we’d be more than happy to have a chat.


September 16, 2019

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