YoniYoga by YogaBellies

What is YoniYoga® (or Yoga for the Vagina?)

YogaBellies founder Cheryl, came across the ancient Chinese practice of using Yoni (or Jade) eggs to literally heal the body from inside out while living in Singapore. This 5,000 year old practice was once the closely guarded secret of the royal Chinese concubines, which not only tightened the pelvic floor and improved sexual health, vitality and intensity of orgasms, but provided a myriad of other benefits for the practitioners. A natural face lift, longevity, curing incontinence, improved lubrication, higher levels of fertility and decreased menstrual cramps are some of the proposed benefits of this practice.

Realizing the immense benefits through her own practice, Cheryl combined her yoga practice with the use of the Yoni Egg to further the benefits and to create a complete spiritual and physical practice, accessible to all women. Thus created YoniYoga® by YogaBellies 🙂

Why Now?

“We want to empower women to take back their sexual power and embrace their femininity and their sexuality,” says Cheryl MacDonald when asked about the motivation for offering YoniYoga® classes. She added that YoniYoga® is the second revolution in light of the Meetoo Movement.

“YoniYoga® is about being comfortable in your own body. We’ve been taught to be ashamed or embarrassed by our own reproductive organs and our physical and sensual needs as a woman. Not only can a YoniYoga® practice help with this, it’s a deeply healing practice. Women who have suffered traumatic childbirth or miscarriage or even sexual assault can truly heal by working through these emotions.

What does the class involve?

YogaBellies YoniYoga® classes are set in a discreet, comfortable environment. Our focus is on healing the Yoni (or womb area) emotionally and physically. Our focus is on self love and therapy.

There is absolutely no nudity in the class – it’s not that kind of vibe 🙂 We can assure you that you wouldn’t know that anyone around you is even wearing a Yoni Egg and that the use of the egg itself is entirely optional! You will still experience benefit,s even if you choose not not to wear the egg while practicing.

YoniYoga® sessions are taught by YogaBellies’ 500 hour trained Wellness Therapists who employ the ancient Taoist techniques of Jade egg work, combined with gentle yoga postures. The classes focus on improving pelvic floor health and healing dysfunction. Participants work through Yoni-Asanas (cute name yeah?) and isolate the correct muscles enabling them to tone and strengthen them gradually, using a jade egg.

Practicing YoniYoga® offers a number of benefits, to name but a few…

* Cures incontinence
* Aids fertility and assists in regulating menstrual cycles
* Improves lubrication
* Heals abnormal cells in sexual organs
* Improves vaginal elasticity
* Heals prolapsed sex organs
* Heightens sexual pleasure

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