Already a qualified yoga teacher?

If you are already a qualified yoga teacher or even a perinatal yoga teacher who has trained with another yoga school or antenatal education body, joining YogaBellies will completely revive your way of working and increase the opportunities for your own ethical business.

We give you complete coaching on how to become a Business Goddess, balancing your life and work commitments in accordance with
the Yamas and Niyamas and on-going business and yoga teaching support from HQ and also our world-wide network of like-minded teachers who love everything yoga, birth and baby (and kidz!!)

You can watch this short video with Pam, our amazing YogaBellies Business Goddess and YogaBellies Teacher based in Hull. Pam was already a BWY teacher and laughter yoga teacher when she joined YogaBellies and talks about her life as a yoga teacher and an ethical business owner.

YogaBellies offer a complete business package for those who are already qualified yoga teachers also. If you have already completed basic yoga teacher training, or even perinatal teacher training from another school, YogaBellies can help you turn your ethical business proposition around into something viable, sustainable and still wholly yogic.

Which YogaBellies paths can I choose from?

YogaBellies offer world-wide accredited training and franchise and licensee options qualified yoga teachers including:

YogaBellies for Women

A complete YogaBellies franchise package comprising of over 100 hours of yoga and business training which exceeds the requirement for the RPYT(Registered prenatal yoga teacher) qualification accredited by USA Yoga Alliance. This package includes all of the business equipment and teaching props you need and allows you to offer YogaBellies for Pregnancy, Mum & Baby, Mum & Toddler and YogaBelles, our hatha yoga style created especially for women at every stage of their live

I’m already a qualified yoga/perinatal teacher, why would I splash out more money on joining YogaBellies?

Perhaps you have just finished your yoga teacher training or maybe you’ve been teaching pregnancy yoga for years and just feel that you need a bit of guidance. YogaBellies can help you develop those skills and also help you to create a viable holistic business model that will mean that you can turn your passion for teaching yoga into a real career.

Although YogaBellies gives you all of the benefits of a franchise, we don’t take a percentage of your earnings, all we ask is for a minimal monthly fee to cover your extensive marketing and admin support, depending which path you choose. Find out more about the benefits and/or our stand alone teacher training by enquiring here

I don't want to have to keep paying out money to YogaBellies...

Although YogaBellies gives you all of the benefits of a franchise, we don’t take a percentage of your earnings, all we ask is for a minimal monthly fee to cover your extensive marketing and admin support, depending which path you choose.

Can I just do stand-alone training, I don't want to purchase a complete business?

We only offer YogaBellies Teacher Training as part of our franchise packages. Although you may already have an established yoga business and wish to add in YogaBellies classes, you receive so much more than yoga teacher training. We keep in constant contact with all of our teachers, offering advice, guidance and development on all their teaching practice and on their business growth. You are supported by the brand and press coverage constantly.

Our teacher training courses include live training days, in addition to videos, downloads, online course work and resources, meaning that you can now become a YogaBellies teacher in less time and at a lower cost.

You will receive a complete teacher training manual and will be able to teach yoga for women from mensturation, through pregnancy, post-natal with baby and even menopause. Baby massage instructor training is also included in this package.

YogaBellies training school has met the high standards set by Yoga Alliance, demonstrating that our courses are of the highest quality and is a Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS.)Our graduates who are already qualified yoga teachers or midwives, may use the title ‘Registered Perinatal Yoga Teacher’ RPYT in addition to their Certified YogaBellies Teacher (CYT) accreditation.

Certified YogaBellies Teacher training is exactly that: the highest quality yoga teacher training for women and infants. Unlike standard yoga teacher training’s, we keep our groups very small with a maximum of 10 participants and two teacher trainers meaning you get real one on one coaching.

Applications are now being accepted. If you have any further questions please contact or click here to request information.

I have been teaching yoga for five years already and have my own regular classes, can I add YogaBellies classes on to that?

Yes absolutely, and many of our teachers do. So for example, if you have Jane’s Yoga set up as your trading name, then you can purchase a YogaBellies business to supplement your existing classes. You can market them as YogaBellies for Pregnancy@ Jane’s Yoga for example. Joining YogaBellies will benefit all of your classes, as you will gain credibility, exposure and ethical business acumen to apply to your other businesses.

Alternatively, if you wish to offer soley own brand classes with no franchise or tie in, request information on our stand alone yoga for women teacher training.

Are you already a qualified yoga teacher?

We offer a complete business package for qualified yoga teachers

What Qualified Yoga Teachers have said about Joining YogaBellies…

Upon joining Yogabellies, you will never look back…. Built on good values… You are taken on a journey of self discovery…. as well as being part of a wonderful family of amazingly strong & supportive woman!

“I definitely think that Yogabellies is great value for money… Everything about Yogabellies is unique….. From the lovely founder
Cheryl (beautiful, honest & extremely down to earth).. The brand, the support given & the amazing level of care to all teachers
(& our mummies, babies & kidz)

“I think joining YogaBellies was a very good decision for me as a yoga teacher. I like having YogaBellies as part of my business and to be honest I love the name and can always talk about it when I speak to people about what I do. The thing I love the most is the community, the access to yoga and business information, and access to the opportunities and clients it offers. I also enjoyed learning to teach pregnancy and mum& baby yoga, and am enjoying teaching both more than I realised I would. I really enjoyed the training, the studio is great venue, and I felt well looked after well by the enthusiastic and vibrant Cheryl, lots of info given during the training and good support afterwards. Cheryl and Mary frances are always available to answer queries and it’s great having a community of like-minded teachers to run any worries or concerns by via YogaBellies intranet or email. It has certainly helped me get the classes up and running and know it is now my marketing effort that will make it a success or otherwise!” – Dr. Pam Medhurst RYT CYT, Pam Medhurst Yoga

My yoga journey has taken me on many paths… from pre-school, primary & teen yoga & energy therapy classes to adult Hatha classes! Having had 7 pregnancies in the last 10 years (I have 6 little folk) … Yoga has been my strength…. It felt natural to me to gain a qualification to teach ladies at this precious time in their lives…. I asked the universe… & along came Yogabellies….:-) I had no idea just how much I would get out of it…. Every day I am learning & teaching, learning & teaching! (Yogabellies is truly awesome!) x” – Siobhan Hencher, RYT 200 CYT

“YogaBellies is actually brilliant value for money. There is so much more to YogaBellies than just a training package and there is something for everyone to expand on your current experience/background/training. As well as being value for money, I wanted the community. Ever since joining YogaBellies it has felt like I have joined an extended family not just a training programme. Whereas I trained for my 200hr certification and then was left to it, YogaBellies make sure teachers have someone to talk to, be it about class plans, something they feel they missed or didn’t quite understand in training or for a general chat to get something off your chest that only another Yoga teacher would really get! Sounds silly as nothing/no one can be 100% perfect, but YogaBellies is an expanding, evolving company and I feel I joined at a great time to see positive changes/improvements. I had bookings in place before I even completed the YogaBellies training course!!” – Rachael Montgomery RYT CYT, Anahata Yoga