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Jen Smith (Edinburgh: Marchmont, Bruntsfield, Leith)

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EH10 4DJ

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YogaBellies for Pregnancy, YogaBellies for Mum & Baby, YogaBelles (for all women)

About Me

Hi! My name is Jen and I’m a mum to two wonderful little girls, Martha and Gwendolyn. I am married to my favourite grump, Neil, who I met when we were both students in this amazing city – it’s my life’s mission to get him onto a yoga mat! Apart from yoga, my interests include drinking tea, cooking and bad mum dancing. I am thrilled to be able to bring my classes to Marchmont, Bruntsfield & Leith in Edinburgh. I also volunteer with the Juno Perinatal Mental Health charity.

Why I became a YogaBellies Teacher...

I’ve done yoga off and on for years – a class here and there at the gym, a course every now and again. However I saw it as a purely physical exercise: nice to get a bit of a stretch, but nothing more than that. Everything changed when I was pregnant for the first time…my yoga class gave me space to bond with my bump, think about becoming a mum, and a way to face labour in a more calm and focused way. I also met the women who are now some of my closest friends – they’re still saved in my phone as Yoga Kate, Yoga Jo and Yoga Rach!

While I had a newfound love of yoga, it wasn’t until my second pregnancy that I realised it was important enough to me that I wanted to share it with others by becoming a Yogabellies teacher. I am passionate about helping other women find time and space to look after themselves, whether that’s in preparation for their upcoming labour, finding time to reconnect with their body post-natally, creating space to bond with their baby on the mat (as far as wriggly ones will allow!), or just taking an hour for themselves at a Luna or CorePlay class – hatha yoga has so much to offer women at all stages of life.

I love the format of the YogaBellies classes and that – no matter which class you come to – you’ll always get the chance for a proper yoga workout, in addition to lots of support and ideas to take home with you and use off the mat. I’m excited to spend a bit of time at each class on breathing exercises (pranayama) and relaxation techniques (yoga nidra) – I believe everyone can benefit from them, as they’re a great way to help us deal with our day to day stresses and anxieties.

Other qualifications

MA (Hons) Modern European Languages and European Union Studies

Class details

YogaBellies for Pregnancy
Tuesdays 6:30 – 8pm – Morningside United Church, 15 Chamberlain Road, Edinburgh EH10 4DJ
Saturdays 9:30 – 10:45am – Pilmeny Youth Centre, 44 Buchanan Street, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 8RF

Suitable for all ability levels, no previous yoga experience is necessary. These classes are specially designed to support you during pregnancy, and alterations can be made if you’re suffering from any pregnancy-related ailments (e.g. pelvic pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome).

*** COMING SOON: YogaBellies for Mum & Baby – classes start 22 January 2019 ***
Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 – St Catherine’s Argyle, 61-63 Grange Road, Marchmont, EH9 1TY

Suitable from 6-10 weeks post partum, these classes provide a brilliant way of bonding with your baby. We work on gently helping women to recover and restore their core strength, and baby also gets plenty of attention as we practice baby yoga postures which can aid digestion, relieve colic and help soothe and relax them.

*** COMING SOON: CorePlay by YogaBellies – classes start 22 January ***
Tuesdays 9:15-10:15 – St Catherine’s Argyle, 61-63 Grange Road, Marchmont, EH9 1TY (classes start 29 January 2019)
Tuesdays 8-9pm – Morningside United Church, 15 Chamberlain Road, Edinburgh EH10 4D (classes start 22 January 2019)

Focused on strengthening the back, abs and pelvic floor, these upbeat dynamic classes are a brilliant way to work on your core strength and balance. With regular practice you’ll see week on week changes and improvements in your ability level, while also developing your ability to connect the mind and body.

*All classes are suitable for all ability levels and no prior experience is required. I provide mats, blocks and blankets, so you just need to bring a bottle of water and wear something comfortable.
*Classes are bookable in blocks of 8; your block will start on the date of your first class. A deposit is required at the time of booking to reserve your mat, and the balance is payable before your first class.
*Use the ‘Contact Me’ link above to book a space or ask questions!