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YogaBellies offer classes for mums during the perinatal period. We offer a range  of pregnancy (prenatal) yoga, postnatal yoga (mum and baby yoga) and also baby massage classes.  Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood are the most important times in a woman's life and yoga and relaxation can help to make these experiences positive,  peaceful and calm.

Gentle exercise and relaxation is essential for pregnant and postnatal women. Yoga helps mums maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind: prenatal yoga helps to prepare your body for pregnancy and birth and also to maintain your physical and mental health in preparation for childbirth. Postnatal mum and baby yoga offers mums the chance to regain muscle tone whilst socialising and bonding with their baby.

Yoga can help you prepare mentally for the challenges of childbirth and motherhood. YogaBellies classes allow mums to make new friends and stay positive and healthy.  Pregnancy yoga is specifically designed around the trimesters of pregnancy, and the practice is adapted to meet the physical needs of mums' rapidly changing pregnant body.  Our prenatal yoga classes help mum prepare for pregnancy using yoga, self hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques. YogaBellies postnatal yoga and baby yoga classes help mum to regain pelvic floor and abdomen muscles to their pre-pregnancy form as well as encouraging communication and bonding with baby.  

The spiritual and meditative aspects of yoga mean that it does provide an opportunity to reflect on your life and ease your worries.  Many women find that pregnancy yoga allows them to prepare for an easier, less stressful labour and to be familiar with their bodies before childbirth.  Postnatal yoga allows the opportunity to bond with your baby and to build a connection between healthy activities and your busy life as a mother.














specialists in prenatal & postnatal yoga and holistic therapies

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Yoga and therapies created especially for Women, Mothers and Babies

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