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Yoga created especially for Women, Mothers' and Babies.



YogaBellies for Pregnancy and Birth

YogaBellies for Mum and Baby or Toddler‏ and Infant Massage

‎AquaBellies water based yoga for women during
pregnancy and post partum with baby and just for women

YogaBelliesKidz for children from age 18 months to 12 years‏

YogaBelles for women throughout life, including menstruation and menopause‏‏


YogaBelles Yang dynamic flowing yoga to build strength and stamina

YogaBelles Yin deep restorative yoga for women

YogaBelles Lunar helps to balance hormonal fluctuations

YogaBelles Chakra aligns the chakras and allows the prana to flow freely

We Provide Authentic, Fun, Friendly And Safe Holistic Classes For Women, Mothers & Children


Yoga For Women

YogaBelles is yoga created especially for women, working in harmony with women’s natural flexibility and hormonal fluctuations


Yoga For Pregnancy

YogaBellies for Pregnancy takes a unique, revolutionary approach to pregnancy yoga, so much more than a prenatal yoga class .


Yoga For Post Natal Mum & Baby

YogaBellies classes created especially for post partum mummies and their new babies including yoga and massage.


Yoga For Children

YogaBelliesKidz sessions introduce children to a healthy, yogic life with a fun and innovative approach.

Not with the feet on the ground?

Try our AquaBellies Classes and enjoy our gentle water based yogic practices and techniques for women and infants

A bit about YogaBellies…

“I started YogaBellies for aspiring yogis who wanted to practice yoga, experience the many holistic benefits and have fun without it seeming too ‘mystical’ or unattainable :)

I started to teach classes specifically for women so that they too could enjoy yoga in a comfortable, no-pressure environment using yoga practices created specifically around the key stages in a woman’s life. I share this vision with the other YogaBellies teachers that I have trained throughout the world.”

Cheryl MacDonald BA Hons E-RPYT, founder and director teacher

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— YogaBellies Accreditations & Awards —

At YogaBellies we value the health and well-being of mother and baby above all else. We believe that high standards of teacher training and consistent re-evaluation are vital to ensure this for our mummies. Each of our yoga teachers YogaBellies teacher training exceeds the world-wide accredited standards for yoga teaching and trains for a minimum of 12-18 months with on-going training and support from HQ.

On this page you will find details of the various accrediting bodies that Yogabellies teacher training courses have been approved and insured by. We have also given details of some of the prestigious awards that YogaBellies, as an organization, and our founder teacher Cheryl MacDonald have been nominated for and awarded.

YogaBellies Accreditations

YogaBellies Awards & Nominations