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When you join the YogaBellies family with our international licensed training, there are a range of benefits. This means that you can legally use the name YogaBellies to promote your classes, use our class plans, website and resources to market your classes in your area. So in addition to your world-class YogaBellies teacher training, the brand in itself helps to promote your work and give you a head start. It also means that we can keep our teaching standards high through closer regulation of training, teaching practices and use of the brand.

From a promotional perspective, you don’t have to think about ‘marketing’ or building up a brand: we’ve done that for you already. We even provide all of the marketing, accounting, and business tools that you need on our intranet, which means that you can focus on what’s important: Teaching Yoga! Your YogaBellies Business Goddess Training is included as part of your package as well as yoga teacher first aid training too. N.B, Any translation of marketing materials would be done by yourself and approved by YBHQ.

Your Licensed Training Package Includes:

  • Complete Certified YogaBellies® Teacher International training, class plans and handbooks online;
  • Your YogaBellies Business Goddess training module to help you start and run your YogaBellies business and create your own YogaBellies business plan;
  • Your official license to teach as a Certified YogaBellies® Teacher International and use the letters CYTI after your name;
  • Your own YogaBellies® profile and webpage and searchable class listings on our main website;
  • Access to the exclusive YogaBellies® Teachers online forum and resource hub, where you can speak to other teachers and access extensive resources in your teaching areas such as manuals, articles, and videos;
  • Home study YogaBellies® first aid certification for all teachers as well as anatomy and physiology guidebooks;
  • The opportunity to promote your YogaBellies business through our media channels and press coverage;
  • Detailed ready-made class plans and handouts for teaching your YogaBellies® classes;
  • Email templates for responding to inquiries and bookings;
  • Marketing through our active international social media and online marketing and brand management ;
  • As a CYTI, you receive discounts on any further YogaBellies and courses you choose to undertake;
  • Your own YogaBellies accounting tool to keep track of all of our incomings and outgoings;
  • Buy YogaBellies branded clothing, yoga mats and accessories at discounted prices;
  • Multiple resources for your YogaBellies clients to keep them coming back for more including a student’s online community; a free phone app, podcast, TV channel and more;
  • An opportunity to grow the YogaBellies community in your country and receive 25% commission on every person who signs up for YogaBellies training as recommended by you!!

Your first license fee is due along with your initial training fee on sign up, with a monthly license fee of $29USD after that. There is no obligation to renew, and if you do not, you will simply be removed from our resources and have your use of the brand revoked

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