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sharon osu

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London Docklands E14 and Clapton E5

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YogaBellies for Pregnancy, YogaBellies Baby Massage, YogaBelles (for all women)

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YogaBellies for Women, YogaBelliesKidz, BRA add on training

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I am a normal mum of 2 with a normal body and all of the normal hang ups that women have ;o)

Why I became a YogaBellies Teacher...

I found out about Yogabellies in 2011 via a simple Facebook advert.
I spoke to Cheryl in HQ a couple of hours later and within 10 minutes of that call I had decided to join up.

Why? Because it just works!
My working week is dictated simply by how much I want to work and I decide how many classes I run a week so I still get to do homework and housework and drop offs and pick ups for my 2 sons
I love what I do – the clients we meet are real people not huge corporations and we join our clients on a roller coaster journey through pregnancy, birth, being a new mum and then we get to spend time with our clients again in our Yogabelles classes once this amazing journey has unfolded.
I love the ethos behind Yogabellies – women helping women. Generations ago women would be surrounded by a huge family unit to guide them through these life changes and through Yogabellies we can offer this to our clients and make new friends.
I feel empowered by my role within Yogabellies and each time I step onto my mat I know that I am making a small but very real difference to the women in my community.

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Class details

Classes in E14
Venue: Canary Wharf College 2 (Glenworth), Saunders Ness Road, E14

~ Pregnancy Yoga: Wednesdays @7pm
~ Yogabellies Luna: Wednesdays @8.30pm

Classes in Clapton E5
Venue: Core Clapton, Northwold Road, E5

~ Baby Massage: Tuesdays @10am
~ Mum & Baby Yoga: Tuesdays @ 11.15am
~ Pregnancy Yoga: Tuesdays @12.30

What people have said about my YogaBellies classes...

Pregnancy Yoga

– I started pregnancy yoga at 20w after never doing yoga before and found it was one of the best things i did while pregnant. Sharon is so welcoming and supportive that you immediately feel at ease. As someone who loves exercise but needing a more low impact workout, it was perfect. You also get to know the other mums to be, and with sharon, follow each others pregnancies, births and babies. I’ve made some great friends and would thoroughly recommend it.

– Yogabellies classes are more than just yoga. Sharon fantastically facilitates conversations that allow mums-to-be to exchange questions and information, and helps them networking.
On top of it there comes breathing techniques and positions for labour itself, and general workout to make our slightly unusually challenged body feel refreshed, stretched and prepared for what’s coming.
I would recommend this class to whoever it pregnant, irrespective of the preferred labour method planned. Saturday morning class is a great way to kick start a weekend in a good shape.

– I’ve never done yoga before, but have really enjoyed this class! Sharon puts you at ease immediately, always welcoming new people and with introductions at the start of class. Yoga practice itself is easy to follow, relaxing, and Sharon always checks if you’re comfortable or need the exercises modified in some way to make them work for you. Burrells Wharf is a lovely cool venue with big windows as well. Overall, a very pleasant way to spend a summer’s Friday evening – especially if it’s the end of a busy working week.

– I really credit these classes, and Sharon in particular, with helping me bond with my baby in utero, prepare mentally for motherhood, and prepare my body physically for child birth.

I joined the classes at 16 weeks and continued up until 38 weeks when I had my baby. I found that the classes gave me the time I needed to focus and reflect on every stage of pregnancy and prepare for birth, through the combination of breathing exercises, relaxation and of women sharing stories at the start of class. The breathing practice in particular helped me through a long labour and to have a drug-free birth.
I highly recommend this class and can’t wait until I can join her postnatal mom and baby classes!

Baby Massage

-I was doing pregnancy yoga with Sharon and then when my son arrived i was really looking forward to start baby massage. We both now enjoy them. My baby loves exploring new touch sences and i am happy i canlearn how to help himto cope with colic, wind, colds, calm him down etc.
These classes are also fantastic because Sharon is an amazing person projecting vibes of chill and happiness, essential for everyone and young mummies in particular. Highly recommended!

– The baby massage class is a wonderful way to bond with your baby and make new friends. Sharon is an excellent teacher and I intend to join more of her classes !

– My husband and I were so pleased with the 1-2-1 baby massage classes we had from Sharon. Our son loves his massages and we learnt some really useful tips for colds and wind. Sharon is a wealth of knowledge and made us feel so comfortable, her supportive, open and warm approach was much appreciated in the early days with our little man (we started classes when our son was 10 days old). We were so impressed we are going to attend the classes next year – would highly recommend!

Mum & Baby Yoga
– My son and I love this class and have been doing it since my son was 7 weeks. The class is a great mixture of yoga for baby, for mum, networking and advice/support. Sharon is very flexible with her classes and style (this is much needed as a new mum!) and if my son has decided to sleep through she gives me different exercises to the rest of the group (i.e. ones where no baby is required!). The class is a great place to meet other mums, receive advice and support and generally enjoy yourself. I thoroughly recommend this and Sharon as an instructor.

– I would thoroughly recommend this class to new mums as a way of getting back to yourself again after giving birth and a great way of bonding with your baby. The yoga moves with baby are a lot of fun. Both me and my 11-week-old daughter love Sharon, she is a fantastic yoga teacher, adapting to the mums and babies as the class goes on. It’s also a nice small class so Sharon is able to give you lots of attention.

– I joined this mum and baby yoga class, run by Sharon, after completing a baby massage course with her. I’d never done any yoga before so was a little daunted but needn’t have been.

Sharon is very welcoming and makes everyone feel relaxed. The emphasis is on doing what you – and your baby – feel comfortable with. Novices like me sit alongside much more experienced yoga practitioners and the babies join in too, which is great as there aren’t many exercise classes that mums and babies can go to together.
I’m able to practice the moves at home and it’s really helping with my shoulder and lower back pain which is typical when carrying an increasingly heavy baby!
Definitely a great way to get back into exercise after having a baby, highly recommend- We have really enjoyed the baby yoga class with Sharon. There is a good mix between yoga for mum and yoga techniques for baby (have loved watching the babies watching each other). I did a lot of yoga even during my pregnancy and found the class an ideal way to ease me back into regular practice (Sharon is very knowledgeable and able to highlight which movements are particularly beneficial to the pelvic floor but equally important where not to push yourself too hard too soon!). Even more beneficial have been how much the baby ‘exercises’ calm my little one at home.
Sharon really encourages mums to stay in touch outside of class by organising lunches etc. which is a fantastic way to build a network of other mums in the area.