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Rosy Grieco (Penicuik and Fairmilehead)

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Penicuik (EH26 0QZ) and Fairmilehead (EH10 7AA)

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YogaBellies for Pregnancy, YogaBellies for Mum & Baby, AquaBellies (water yoga for women, mums and babies), Birth ROCKS Birth Mentoring

About Me

Hello! My name is Rosy and I have been a YogaBellies teacher since 2013!!
I live out in Penicuik, Midlothian with my husband and our little girl Maria 🙂
I love all things Pregnancy, Birth, Baby – it has been my sole passion since the age of 7 and getting to support women during this very special time is just one of the biggest privileges and honours. Before I trained as a YogaBellies instructor, I trained as a Doula (birth and postnatal attendant) and during this time I was opened to the world of Yoga and immediately started practicing and fell in love with the science. It was through my Doula training, that I was introduced to YogaBellies and I instantly signed up for the training – and I have never looked back!
I am a pretty content person, I love being at home with a good book(usually about birth!) and/or a good movie.

Why I became a YogaBellies Teacher...

Ever since my Mummy was pregnant with my youngest sister Melissa, I have been extremely fascinated by Pregnancy ,Birth and Baby – I guess I was a really curious 7 year old! However, this is where the passion stemmed from. From the age of 7, my dream was to become a Midwife and only a Midwife, it was something I longed so desperately to be.
From the age of 13 to the age of 16, I lived in my dad’s home town in Italy. I then returned here and was required to go to College and get all the qualifications needed at the time for admission into Midwifery. When I finally finished and gained all the grades needed, I applied for University. I sadly wasn’t successful in getting a place. This however, never stopped me from working harder to try and try again. I decided to get some experience by volunteering in a Postnatal Ward in The RIE. I did this for a few months and it was a great experience which I will always be happy to have done. In the same year I also decided to train as a Birth and Postnatal Doula. Have done training as a Doula has been a real learning experience for me, because having not yet experience the beauty of pregnancy & birth, I got to listen to birthing stories and learn a lot from wonderful empowering women who are now part of the birthing community. Having had this chance to study as a Doula, I feel I have more knowledge on birth that I can use when working with expectant mummies and their families. It was during my training that I met a YogaBellies Teacher. Immediately the lightbulb came on. I searched for YogaBellies online and immediately fell in love with the ethos of this beautiful collective of women who all love all things pregnancy, birth and baby just as I do. I was really happy to have found another “job” where I would be able to live my passions and support expectant families and be part of a family’s biggest and most special time of their life. I have been a YogaBellies Teacher for a while now, and I am so happy that life had led me down this path and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Other qualifications

Birth & Postnatal Doula Certificate from Mindful Doulas.
Birth ROCKS Birth Mentor

Class details


YogaBellies for Mum and Baby


Wednesday 11-12:15pm at Fairmilehead Parish Church, 1A Frogston Road West, Fairmilehead EH10 7AA

YogaBellies for Pregnancy


Sundays 11-12:15pm at Glencorse Centre, 4 Firth Road, Penicuik EH26 0QZ.

What people have said about my YogaBellies classes...

“I was looking for some gentle exercise in pregnancy that would also help me to relax while still working full time, and found Rosy’s Yogabellies class! I am so pleased I did, it is a highlight of my week! As well as the exercises there is meditation and breathing that I really feel is helping me prepare for birth and that is giving me a lot of confidence that no amount of reading could do. Rosy is super friendly and approachable, and the class is relaxed so no need to feel intimidated by starting something new/different. Highly recommended.”

“Rosy’s Yoga Bellies class came highly recommended by my sister in law who attended the same class last year. I am so glad that I signed up. After a morning at work and an afternoon with my 3-year old I just want to curl up in a ball but am always pleased when I get ready and arrive for the class. Class starts with a 20 min relaxation/meditation (lying down) where you start to practice the different breathing methods for each stage of labour and helps to focus on parts of the body where you are experiencing pain for me thats my hips usually. I am fairly fit and active but suprisingly find the stretches give me a decent workout and are helping to relieve my pregnancy aches and pains. A nice lie down and relaxation is a perfect end. The only thing missing from the class is for Scotty to beam me home straight to my bed :-).”

“I was feeling really sorry for myself after a sicky first trimester and was dying to get back into exercise again but found not many exercise classes were happy to have a pregnant women in their midst (insurance issue I think). Walking and running were off the cards as that triggered my pelvic girdle pain. Then I found Rosy’s classes through Google and was so excited that I could get moving again. I think I underestimated the toll pregnancy has on your body so in my first class I found we did much easier things but I felt what we did was just right -I couldn’t have done much more! As the weeks went on I found myself getting fitter again and could move more into each stretch feeling it’s benefits. Rosy lets you take things at your own pace and was able to modify for any ailments I or others had. I found the stretches a blessing as they eased my back pain and helped with shoulder and rib pain too. The stretches were really good but the biggest surprise was the relaxation section! I’m not usually a fan if this but it really helped me chill out and my baby loved it too! She would be kicking away as soon as we lay down for relaxation and breathing techniques. I felt calm yet energised at the end of each session and came away each week having learned something new for childbirth. Would recommend to any mum to be, even those who have never done yoga stretches before, it was a class suitable and beneficial for everyone. :-)”

“Rosy’s YOGABELLIES class was simply gorgeous… My favourite time of the week!! The mediation and relaxation practices where truly wonderful! The whole experience and ethos of YOGABELLIES aided me to give birth to a beauty and healthy baby boy without any complications or the use of any pain relief! It was truly magical! Thanks for all your help Rosy! xxx”

“I have been attending the Yogabellies class at Oxgangs since I was 26 Weeks pregnant. I am now almost 39 weeks and plan to keep going until my baby arrives!
I have loved Yogabellies and found it has helped me to relax during this special time and has given me lots of positive tips for labour(positions,breathing,visualisation). Before starting classes I had some hip and pelvis pain but the classes have helped and now at the end of my pregnancy I have no pain. Most of all I have really valued meeting other Mums to be and hopefully we will continue to meet up and support one another once our babies all arrive.
Rosy is a friendly , fun and very caring teacher and I would recommend her classes to everyone. Thank you.”

“I have been attending Rosy’s YogaBellies class since I was 14 weeks pregnant, I’m now 27 weeks pregnant (with twins) and still really look forward to class each week. I enjoy the different components: meditation, breathing techniques, practicing postures and relaxation. Rosy is very knowledgeable and passionate about yoga and pregnancy. She can advise on how to adapt any of the postures to accommodate your stage of pregnancy or any particular difficulties you may have. She has given us a lot of additional information too in the form of handouts, CDs and allowed us to borrow books. As Louise said, the best thing about this class is meeting like minded mums to be, this has been an invaluable source of support and laughs! Rosy’s original group recently met for coffee and I’m sure it will be the first of many. We already have 2 junior members who have joined the group! Signing up to this class has been the best thing I have done in pregnancy, the benefits have been huge. Thank you so much Rosy.”

“I decided to sign up for this class in my first trimester as a first time mum to be with no previous experience of yoga. I have been attending ever since and I am now 36 weeks pregnant! The class is a good mix of relaxation, breathing techniques and postures, with time to chat and get to know other mums attending. Rosy is well informed about yoga and pregnancy and is very supportive as well as fun! She has offered lots of advice and other opportunities such as water birthing workshops and coffee meet ups. It has been great to get to know other mums in the class and hopefully this support will continue once all our little ones arrive. I would highly recommend this class to any mummies to be, I look forward to going every week!”

“I loved my weekly Yogabellies class, which I started at 16 weeks pregnant. The class was split into a mix of relaxation, yoga and visualisation/breathing techniques. It was a great way to meet other mums-to-be, relax and prepare for birth. Rosy was friendly and helpful and I’d recommend these classes to any expectant mum.”

“This is a fun and relaxed class with a perfect balance of meditation, yoga for baby, yoga for Mum and some relaxation time. The session is well organised and structured, while Rosy is a flexible and caring teacher, helping us all to engage and enjoy this special time with our babies.
It’s been lovely to meet some other Mums too, to learn some baby yoga sequences we can practice at home and to do some gentle yoga stretches designed perfectly for tired and busy Mums. One of the nicest aspects of the class is the sense of community and the coffee, cake and chat we all enjoy together after class.
The block of classes is good value for money. I would recommend Rosy’s classes to all new Mums as she is so friendly and approachable. Even if you’ve never done yoga before she will expertly guide you through the session. In fact my only regret is that I didn’t know about her ante natal yoga classes while I was pregnant!”

“I have recently started this class with my 12week old baby. It’s an excellent way to relax, tone and bond with your little one. The yoga moves for babies can be used at any time and help with trapped wind and general relaxing. This is something I would highly recommend- I only wish I had attended the pregnancy classes.”

“I have just finished my second block of mummy and baby yoga with rosy and I could not recommend her highly enough. It was the favourite part of mine and my sons week and we have now booked the mummy and toddler block. If you looking to get started with your fitness after your baby has been born, something that’s not to strenuous and intense then this is the class for you. It’s the perfect balance of fun, exercise and meditation. I also met some lovely mummy’s and babies wo we are still in touch with now! Thank you rosy xxx”

“As this is my first pregnancy I was a little anxious about the journey ahead and the labour, then someone suggested pregnancy yoga to me. Looking locally, I found the Yogabellies classes and signed up. I’m so glad I did! The course has been so beneficial during my pregnancy, with helpful advise and techniques to deal with day to day discomfort and stress, but more importantly it has made me feel more positive and equipped to deal with labour. The instructor Rosy is so lovely and is truly the icing on the Yogabellies cake. There is the added bonus that you get to meet like minded girls who are going through the pregnancy journey at the same time as you, who you can share your experiences with. I would highly recommend these classes.”

“I really wanted a way to try to stay active and relaxed during my pregnancy and a lot of people recommended yoga. I came to Rosy’s class and have absolutely loved it. It’s relaxed, Rosy is really approachable and has really given me a lot of confidence with breathing and visualisation which is making me feel more equipped to deal with labour. This is my first pregnancy and I plan to continue my classes after birth with the mum and baby yoga as I enjoy these so much. I would definitely recommend it to any mums or mums to be!”

“I have completed two blocks of the Yogabellies mum and baby yoga so far with Rosy and cannot recommend it enough. I started yoga when I was pregnant and wanted to continue practising postnatally. The course has been fantastic in easing me back into exercise, rebuilding core strength and giving me time to relax. My son really enjoys the baby yoga too, the smiles and giggles tell it all. Additionally, the combined mum and baby poses put a lovely twist on traditional yoga and has promoted bonding. All this along with meeting lovely likeminded mummies and babies to share tea and cake with, make this class too good to miss.”