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Pamela Blakey (Paisley, Renfrew, Bishopbriggs & North Glasgow)

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Bishopbriggs (G64) and Paisley (PA3)

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YogaBellies for Pregnancy, YogaBellies for Mum & Baby, YogaBellies Baby Massage, YogaBelles (for all women), Birth ROCKS Birth Mentoring

About Me

Hi! Thanks for visiting my profile.
I’m Pamela and more often these days I’m known as “mummy” to my two precious boys, Evan (4) and Isaac (2). I live in Bishopbriggs with my husband, but I grew up in Paisley. I’ve been teaching YogaBellies classes now for 2 years and in May 2018 I decided to leave my previous full time job as a retail manager to allow me more time with my boys and to teach more yoga classes.
I have a degree in Zoology, which was fun to do, but I’ve never actually managed to do anything with it!
I don’t have much free time or “me time” these days, but I love cooking and baking cakes and have become quite good at cake decorating in recent years! I love Disney and would happily sit and watch Disney movies all day!
I’m really not someone who loves fitness and going to the gym or dieting or anything like that at all – but I do LOVE yoga!

Why I became a YogaBellies Teacher...

While I was pregnant with Isaac I attended YogaBellies classes and I totally fell in love with them. I loved my time with my bump and getting to relax and to do some gentle exercise. I felt with my second birth I was so much more in control and prepared for it than with my first and that was all down to the YogaBellies class. I really want to be able to help others feel prepared for their birth and help them relax and enjoy their pregnancy.
I also attended baby massage classes with Isaac and found it a great way to bond with him and also to meet other new mummies going through the same things I was. I also did the mum and baby class, which was such a good way to get back into exercise and was a great class for providing something for both me and for Isaac.
I would love to have a community of mummies and woman who have been brought together by yoga!

Other qualifications

BSc (Hons) Zoology

Class details

I’m currently on maternity leave (from October 2019) I hope to be back teaching my classes in the New Year, so please still get in touch and I can add you to my list to contact. I’ll update here and my facebook page as soon as I know when I am returning and with class details.

What people have said about my YogaBellies classes...

Below I’ve included some of the comments from those who have attended the different classes I teach. I’ve split them into the different classes to make it easier for you to read the relevant feedback!

YogaBellies for Pregnancy –

**Pamela’s class is one of the highlights of my week. I get a real zen feeling afterwards – not easily achieved recently! I’ve learned a lot in terms of breathing and also positions which have really helped me so far when dealing with the discomfort of pregnancy – and Im sure will come in handy during labour, too!**
**Absolutely loved my pregnancy yoga class! Not usually a gym person at all but it was a lovely mix of antenatal discussions, relaxation + breathing techniques and of course the yoga part (which I have been using outside of class to help with discomfort). Pamela was a lovely, welcoming teacher and I would recommend the class to anyone **
**Loved everything! Found it really relaxing and even fell asleep during some of the guided meditations.
Looking forward to using the breathing techniques…they’re certainly great for getting to sleep and calming down with my toddler! Pamela is a great teacher and really encouraging with everyone.**
**I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with my first baby and have been coming to Pamela’s class since I was 19 weeks. It’s such a lovely escape on a Wednesday evening for some me time, and a lovely time to bond with bump, as well as a great place to meet other Mums to be. I think the combination of breathing techniques, yoga and chats each week have prepared me well for the upcoming arrival of my little one. I would highly recommend the class, Pamela makes everyone feel so welcomed and relaxed.**
**Classes really helped me relax around the subject of labour. Also the yoga itself helped with any aches or pains I have had whilst getting further along in my pregnancy. It has also been a great way to meet other expectant mums around the same stage of pregnancy as me.**
** Breathing techniques, relaxation , stretching , and spending time with others that were pregnant. Pamela was an excellent teacher and created a really lovely relaxed atmosphere**
**I loved all of the aspects class to be honest! I find hearing the other ladies weekly challenges helps put my mind at ease.**
** Have just started my second block of YogaBellies classes with Pamela as I enjoyed the first lot so much. Feel like I’ve really benefited from the yoga positions, breathing techniques and also meeting other mums to be. Pamela creates such a relaxing space for us, I always look forward to the weekly class.**

YogaBellies for Mum and Baby –

** We loved the baby yoga section with lots of lovely songs and actioms :) we do many of them at home now and always get big smiles. It was also fab to have a cuppa and cake with the other mums afterwards**
**Class is welcoming and very friendly. Pamela our instructor is organised and knowledgeable and so lovely with all our babies. The yoga is enjoyable and has given me a good stretch and strength workout and my baby girl loves doing her yoga.**
**Pamela is a great teacher, very friendly, understanding and outgoing. I felt at ease attending classes here as a first time mum it’s hard but once the first class was over we really looked forward to wednesdays.**
**I love everything about the classes! The movements with baby are fantastic, getting to do some exercise myself and getting to meet other mums make this class so enjoyable. Pamela is a brilliant instructor**

Luna/Coreplay –

**It was a lovely atmosphere to take some time out for myself whilst developing my yoga practice. Pamela is great, really friendly and knowledgeable.**
**I would recommend thus class to anyone who has ever considered trying yoga. You will love it and Pamela us very welcoming, pleasant and a fab instructor. I am so glad i gave her class a try and plan to continue.**
** I loved all the elements of class but the relaxation at the end with the soothing voice of the instructor is my favourite part could fall asleep so relaxing.**
** The stretching , and the interaction with the other group members. I am a complete beginner but Pamela made me feel at ease and was very encouraging. The session made me feel very relaxed but energetic.**
**I really enjoy my Luna yoga class. I’m a menopausal women and a complete beginner and i have very stiff joints but after 4 weeks and with Pamela’s great teaching and patience I’m beginning to loosen up. I look forward to a Tuesday night. I would recommend this class to over 50’s.**
**lovely relaxing class. you don’t have to be fit or good. aimed at all levels.**