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Nicki Bulger – Chichester to Worthing

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Chichester to Worthing

Type of YogaBellies class:

YogaBellies for Pregnancy, YogaBellies for Mum & Baby, YogaBellies Baby Massage, YogaBelles (for all women), YogaBelliesKidz or Toddler

About Me

I am a Mum of two beautiful, bright, energetic and fantastic little ones and love spending family days with them and my husband. We enjoy baking, reading, walks in the woods, swimming, day trips and Lego! My favourite things to do are yoga, running, singing, cooking, snowboarding and spending time with friends. I’m a special needs teacher and I feel so lucky to work with such interesting and dynamic children. I love meeting people and finding out about their passions, stories, ideas and loves.

Why I became a YogaBellies Teacher...

I found practicing yoga became the only time when life was calm and quiet and I was truly able to focus on me, my breathing and my thoughts. After the arrival of our daughter, trying to manage two children, a teaching job and my husband’s shift pattern, life became pretty hectic. I decided I wanted to look for something that would give me more time with my children and focus on what was truly important in life. Finding Yogabellies was the perfect combination of two of my favourite things; yoga and nurturing others. Being able to share such a special time with women through their pregnancies, their journey into motherhood and simply the ‘me time’ for all women is something I feel so lucky to be able to call my job!

Other qualifications

BA (Hons) Adventure Education
PGCE Physical Education

Class details

MONDAY, Tim Peake Centre, Chichester
4pm – YogaBellies Kidz (4-8yrs)
7pm – YogaBellies for Pregnancy
8.30pm – Luna for ALL women (must be 4 months PP)
TUESDAY, Heene Centre, Worthing
10am – YogaBellies for Mum & baby
11.45 – Baby Massage
TUESDAY, Salt Water Studios, Worthing
4pm YogaBellies Kidz (4-8yrs)
5pm YogaBellies Kidz (TEENS/ 9yrs+)
7pm – YogaBellies for pregnancy
8.30pm – Luna for ALL women (Must be 4 months PP)
WEDNESDAY, Tim Peake Centre, Chichester
10.30am – YogaBellies for Mum & Baby
12pm – Baby Massage
THURSDAY, Bersted Jubilee Hall
9.30 – Luna for ALL women (Must be 4 months PP)
10.30am – YogaBellies for Mum & baby
THURSDAY, Middleton Sports Club
7pm – YogaBellies for Pregnancy
8.30pm – Luna for ALL women (must be 4 months PP)

What people have said about my YogaBellies classes...

This is such a great class and is one of my favourite mum and baby classes. Nicki creates a lovely atmosphere and it is completely non-judgemental. I really feel like I get time to relax as well as something fun to do with my little boy who also really enjoys it. I can’t recommend this class enough to new mums. Amazing!!
Sarah Wyatt
I found the class so helpful when it came to the labour. I used the breathing techniques we were taught in the class and only needed gas and air from 9.5cms. Nicki was great and let everyone go at their own pace and do as much or as little as they could. I would recommend this class…Nicki is great!
Lisa Stenning
I can highly recommend this class for pregnant mothers. I went to the class and also bought the DVD to continue at home right up to my due date. Our baby was born on 1/10/17 absolutely perfect, the labour was 6 hours from beginning to birth. I used the breathing techniques and took everything at my own pace. I didn’t need any pain relief and have had no after effects I feel 100%. I believe doing the yoga really helped towards this.
Emma Rowling
This is such a lovely class. Highly recommend it! It is always tough doing any baby class when you are tired and worried that your baby might cry the whole class! Nicki made me feel so welcome and relaxed and she was always saying kind words of wisdom and thoughtful things to make everyone feel comfortable. She also adapted the class and routine to suit everyone depending where we all were that day in terms of routine etc. The yoga/play routine for the children is just lovely and the exercises for mummy are great. I usually came out achieving something so I always felt pleased. I certainly haven’t found that with other classes! Nicki also was very thoughtful in providing all sorts of teas, coffees and treats (even to suit our dairy free requirements!) which we had after the class. We are really going to miss this class
Michelle Lewis

Nicki, creates a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for practising yoga. She facilitates an open space to talk to the other pregnant ladies and share stories, whether from past pregancies or how the week has been. I felt this helped me to connect to the others in the room. The yoga was challenging but not too exhausting. I found that practising yogabellies yoga during the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy really helped me during labour, especially the breathing techniques.
Jayney Colquhoun

Nicki is a very inspirational teacher and made me feel instantly at ease right from the first session. The class content was enjoyable for both myself and my baby and we have taken away some good knowledge from the course. It was my first time attending a yoga course and I was apprehensive about how I would handle any “crying baby moments” but nicki was clearly very experienced in her field and made it all very normalised and relaxed! I would definately recommend to any new mums.
Hazel Baker

Lovely to relax and have time to just chill with baby! Lots of different yoga poses that could also be used at home. Nicki always had music and toys to keep babies amused and would happily hold the babies if we were trying to do a certain yogi move and they were crying! A lovely post natal activity to do with your baby! Nice relaxed setting and great to meet other people with babies! Nicki was great, really approachable and knowledgeable and always provided a cup of tea and a chat if we wanted after the session which was lovely!
Emma McNeil

I loved the classes as I could carry on doing yoga while with my daughter. It’s such a relaxing hobby and it’s nice to share the calm with your baby.
Maddie Carty

Loved these classes. Fun lively and relaxing! Nicky was brilliant at taking the sessions at the babies pace. If baby was being a pickle she would offer to cuddle him so that I could do my moves. Loved that the lesson was split into 2…baby yoga then mum yoga. Enjoyable singing and dancing parts too. And the biscuits at the end!! :)
Izzy Elliott