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YogaBellies for Pregnancy, YogaBelles (for all women)

About Me

I grew up in Prestwick but I moved away in my early 20’s when I worked in Ibiza for 8years helping to run my friends business in the summer months and then the winter months were spent working at home or travelling the world. I came back to live in Glasgow 10years ago and I met my partner Mark 3 years ago and we now live in Mount Florida in the South Side of Glasgow. We plan on moving back to Prestwick soon to be close to all of family as we want to have a family of our own soon. My true passion is travelling and I love exploring different countries and immersing myself in the culture and mixing with the locals. I feel so blessed to have been able to travel and spend time in India, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand and have also been to Rio for the carnival as well as many places in Europe. My bucket list is still growing daily with the countries/cities and amazing places I want to visit and experience. I love hill walking and being out long walks in the countryside and have walked the pilgrimage Camino de Santiago from France across the north of Spain which was a wonderful experience and have done quite a few munroes in Scotland and plan to do the West Highland way this year in September.

Why I became a YogaBellies Teacher...

I have always worked in Sales and my background has been within the Travel, Health & Fitness, Insolvency & Recruitment Industries. I love working with people and helping people and seeing them happy
makes me happy! :-) I have always enjoyed keeping fit and active and I worked within the Fitness Industry for 7 years and used to workout in the gym doing cardio, weights and different types of classes but I found I got bored very easily and went through fazes of “all or nothing” exercising until I started practicing Yoga regularly……I have tried different styles of yoga over the years and loved them all but only practiced sporadically so I didn’t really reap the benefits. I went along to a Bikram class with a friend 2 years ago and have been practicing regularly since and the benefits to me have been incredible. I feel stronger and fitter and it really helps to keep me grounded and sane! :-) as well as helping me to sleep better, have more energy and generally I feel happier when practicing regularly. I had been thinking about teaching yoga and doing my teacher training for quite a while and researched many different types of training but just couldn’t find what felt like the right one for me until I came across YogaBellies….. I just absolutely love that we are a community of women supporting one another throughout all stages of life. What appealed to me most is that it doesn’t matter how old you are, what size or shape you are and what level of fitness you have, our classes are inclusive and suitable for all women.

Class details


6.45pm – 8pm – YogaBellies for Pregnancy

8.30pm – 9.30pm – Luna (for all women)