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Elaine Brewer – Bearsden & Broomhill

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Bearsden (G60) and Broomhill (G11)

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YogaBellies for Pregnancy, YogaBellies for Mum & Baby, YogaBellies Baby Massage, YogaBelles (for all women)

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YogaBellies for Women

About Me

During my two pregnancies, my prenatal yoga class was a sanctuary, somewhere I could forget about everything else going on in my life and concentrate on me and my baby and what I needed to do to keep us both healthy, calm and happy.

This was particularly important during my second pregnancy when I was very sick. Yoga gave
me confidence back in my body and its ability to grow and birth a healthy baby.

Pregnant women are expected to work right up to within weeks of their due date, then cope with childbirth and the demands of life with a new baby without the tight knit community of women around them that our grandmothers had.

I think classes such as pregnancy yoga help fill this gap and I feel privileged to be able to help other women experience the physical and emotional benefits of yoga during this unique time in their lives.

Many women in Yogabellies classes are newcomers to yoga, keen to find out how it can help them with the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy and motherhood.

So don’t worry – no headstands here! Just plenty of gentle postures designed to ease pregnancy issues such as back ache, effective breathing techniques for relaxation and for birth, and lots of lovely relaxation and bonding with your baby.

Why I became a YogaBellies Teacher...

While pregnant with my first child, I felt like there was an expectation to just continue as normal, working up until the last minute, then having one week to pack a hospital bag and hope for the best! I wanted to embrace every aspect of my pregnancy and prepare at least as well for this big day as I had for my wedding.

I loved pregnancy yoga and after Ruaridh arrived, I loved that I already had a few mummy friends who were experiencing exactly the same things as me, from cracked nipples to surviving on four hours sleep!

I think it is so important nowadays to offer women a more positive expectation of childbirth and a practical way to prepare for this, as well as the opportunity to relax and maintain fitness during pregnancy. YogaBellies offers this and so much more and I absolutely love the positive, friendly YogaBellies community we have created.

Class details

YogaBellies for Pregnancy: Tuesdays 7pm
YogaBellies for Mum & Baby: Tuesday mornings 10.30am
Luna (yoga for women): Tuesdays 8.15pm

YogaBellies for Pregnancy: Thursdays 6.45pm
YogaBellies for Mum & Baby: Wednesdays 10.30am & 1.30pm
Luna (yoga for women): Thursdays 8pm

What people have said about my YogaBellies classes...

Two recent reviews:

“Really lovely class and so good to be able to stretch out all those post pregnancy aches and pains! Elaine puts you completely at ease so you don’t need to worry if you’ve never done yoga before or if your baby isn’t ‘participating’ in the way you would like! Great way to meet other Mums too. Would definitely recommend.”

“Absolutely loved attending this class! Elaine was fantastic at helping all us mummies to get our mind and body prepared for the big day! It was also so lovely meeting so many women who were also experiencing this exciting but life changing time, so it was great support! Thoroughly recommend this class!!! 100% helped me achieve the labour I wished for (but also gave me the tools to cope with anything which might not go to my ‘birth plan’)!”

“I loved this class. It really helped prepare me for labour. The teacher is great, you’ll do yoga tailored to suit your needs so I found it beneficial from the early stages of pregnancy right through to the last few weeks. I also met a lovely group of girls and we now meet up with our babies! I can’t recommend this class enough, looking forward to being pregnant again so I can go back!”