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07840 904887

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Watford and Northwood

Type of YogaBellies class:

YogaBellies for Mum & Baby, YogaBelles (for all women), YogaBelliesKidz or Toddler, AquaBellies (water yoga for women, mums and babies)

YogaBellies Franchise Options

YogaBelliesKidz, AquaBellies

About Me

In my previous ‘lifetime’, I have been working in the City of London, first as a lawyer and for 13 years as a learning and development professional in one of the world’s largest law firms. During this time, I worked with a range of different people from different cultures. One constant has been my interest in yoga, which I have practised for 30 years, since I was a child. Now I have 2 young daughters, (Uma and Niva), my interest in yoga has turned into an interest in how yoga can be beneficial for women, babies and children.

Why I became a YogaBellies Teacher...

With my particular passion being Children’s yoga, my aim is to help women, babies and children and families, manage the challenges they will inevitably face as their lives change.

Having a young family, my motivation is have a flexible yet stimulating a career. Being a YogaBellies teacher gives me the opportunity to share yoga in a relaxed, practical and fun way: with pre natal mums through AquaBellies aqua yoga for pregnancy, with Mums and babies, through Mum and Baby yoga and with children through YogaBellies Little Angels for pre schoolers and YogaBelliesKidz for primary school children and Tweens. I work in a number of schools and nurseries and at the weekends and during the holidays run private family yoga classes which include monthly Mum & Daughter classes and Tweens workshops.

Other qualifications

LLB (Bachelor or Laws) with Honours
Post Graduate Legal Practice Course
Qualified Solicitor
Reiki parts 1 & 2
Various psychometric tools including Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) I & II and Thomas International DISC
ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

Class details



*Par 3 Café and Lounge Bar, Bushey Country Club, High Street, Bushey, WD23 1TT*

10.00 – 11.00am: Mum & Baby Yoga (3 months to mobile)

11.00 – 11.15: Morning Tea

11.15 – 12.00: Early days Mum & Baby yoga (4 weeks to 3 months), with more focus on babies and gentle post natal healing for Mums

*The Body Studio, 2nd Floor Argyle House, Joel Street, Northwood Hills, HA6 1NW* – currently on hold

1.30 – 2.45pm: YogaBellies Mum and Baby yoga (6 weeks to mobile)


11.00-11.30am: Acorn Montessori, Harrow (Acorn Montessori only)

1.00 – 3.15pm: Quainton Hall School, Harrow: Nursery to Year 3 (Quainton Hall School only)


1.00 – 3.15pm: Quainton Hall School, Harrow: Nursery to Year 3 (Quainton Hall School only)

*St Hilda’s School, High Street, Bushey, WD23 3DA*

7.15 – 8.00pm: AquaBellies pregnancy aqua yoga


9.00- 12.00pm: Quainton Hall School, Harrow: Nursery to Year 3 (Quainton Hall only)


9.00-9.30am: Bright Little Stars Nursery, Harrow (Bright Little Stars Nursery only) (fortnightly)

11.00- 11.30am: Bo Peep Nursery, Edgware (Bo Peep Nursery only)

12.30-2.00pm: St Hilda’s School, Bushey: Lower School & Upper School (St Hilda’s School only)

*Saturdays (term time):*

*St Margaret’s Sports Centre, Merry Hill Road, Bushey, WD23 1DT*

9.25 – 9.55am: YogaBellies Little Angels Pre-school family yoga (with 2-5 year olds)

10.05 – 10.50am: YogaBelliesKidz Family yoga (with 5-12 year olds)

*Sundays (term time):*

*St Margaret’s Sports Centre, Merry Hill Road, Bushey, WD23 1DT*

9.25 – 9.55am: YogaBelliesKidz Family yoga (with 5-7 year olds)

10.05 – 10.50am: YogaBelliesKidz Family yoga (with 8-12 year olds)

6.00 – 7.00pm: Mum and Daughter yoga (with 8-12 year olds) (first Sunday of the month)

*YogaBellies Little Angels offered in nurseries*

*YogaBelliesKidz offered in schools*

*YogaBelliesKidz teacher training also available for schools and nurseries*

What people have said about my YogaBellies classes...


‘A welcome opportunity for my girls and I to participate in yoga together.

With a story or theme that threads the movements together, the children have fun and learn.

Anjli is empathic to the energy of individuals as well as encouraging the appropriate level of advancement.

My moment of bliss in the week. My girls have also used the massage techniques on me, when I have been poorly.

Facing exams and challenges at school, my daughter has uses the positive affirmations. This has really built her self confidence.

Yogabellies is an exceptional class. In an imperfect world, it actually is, a little piece of perfection.’